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How to Find a Roommate for College: The Only Guide You Need

How to Find a Roommate for College: The Only Guide You Need

Are you about to attend college? About 19.9 million people do and your experience can change based on your roommate. 

If you’re lucky enough to attend with a friend, you’re all set. Otherwise, staying with a stranger might be an odious task.

Don’t lose hope yet.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to find a roommate for college. These tips are easy to follow if you’re looking for the ideal roommate.

  1. Ask Friends for Recommendations

Your first line of advice is your friend circle. At least one should have a recommendation, or know someone who does. Whether they give you a friend’s friend or a family member, it’s often surprising to discover their connections.

  1. Ask in Facebook Groups

Facebook is a vast social media platform with over 2.2 billion active users. It’s common for you to encounter various student-run university groups once you update your profile. Use these student organization pages as a platform to connect with other students.

Most groups will have students seeking roommates to split the bill for rent and other utilities. For example, if you want to live in Auburn student apartments, you can find Facebook groups within that area. With luck, you can find a willing roommate studying at the same university.

  1. Attend Off-Campus Housing Programs

If you moved in, you might have a spare bedroom. The quiet can be a blessing if you’re trying to study, but you might prioritize finding someone to split the rent. The good news is that lots of off-campus apartment communities have plenty of events and programs for entertainment and socializing.

Attend these events since you might find other people looking to share rent with. Familiarize yourself with the community staff. That way, you’ll know about upcoming tenants willing to share rooms.

  1. Visit Roommate-Matching Websites

The best part about the Internet is the number of online matching services available to you. Some will have a roommate compatibility test to make the experience more seamless. You can make a profile on these websites, listing your preferences and the apartment rent.

Roommate-matching websites also have a messaging feature. That means you can talk to your prospects online and exchange contact details. It’s easy to use and you’ll often get a good roommate.

  1. Post Flyers

Do you want to know how to find a college roommate the old-fashioned way? If so, flyers are effective when done right. To do this, set qualifications for a perfect roommate and other details like the apartment amenities and rent cost.

Most students post flyers on bulletin boards around the university campus. Some ask coffee shops to allow them to post their flyers. Check your options and pick the most comfortable location.

Learn How to Find a Roommate for College Today!

These are the most basic methods on how to find a roommate for college. Use them and you’ll get that perfect roommate in no time.

Did this guide help you? Why stop here when we have more guides for you to check out? We invite you to read our other posts and learn more useful tips and tricks today.


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