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How to Host a Housewarming Party Like A Pro

How to Host a Housewarming Party Like A Pro

Are you just about to start a new chapter in life in your brand-new house? That calls for a housewarming party where you’ll show off your new property and offer everyone the best time. Not sure how to manage the organization process? Not to worry, we have a few useful tips that will help you host a housewarming party like a pro.

Don’t make it overcrowded

Housewarming parties are all about the closest friends and family, so make sure you keep the guest list up to 30. Everything over that will be more difficult to control, and you’ll have trouble staying on top of everything. Make sure you send out invitations promptly, leaving enough time for everyone to RSVP. Once you have the entire list ready, you can start planning for food and drinks.

Provide enough food and drinks

What’s a party without yummy treats and refreshing beverages, right? So, once you have a complete guest list, make sure you start making a list of food options and beverages that you want to serve at the party. Finger food is always the best as it will allow people to mingle while they snack without leaving them hungry at any point. From finger sandwiches to canapes, vegetable wraps and cookies, look for catering options that offer delectable bites. Order enough drinks from your local store such as bottle-o Richmond drink shopor pick up more supplies if you run out mid-party, only 30 minutes within placing your order. Be sure you’re aware of anyone’s food allergies and provide a big enough variety of drinks for everyone to find a drink that will appeal to them.

Let everyone roam freely

To make your party lively and amusing, forget about placing everyone at the table to eat. Instead, set up several food and drink stations and allow people to go outside, sit on the sofa, mingle by the bar or right next to the snack point. If needed, create a different furniture arrangement in your living room, to allow for more space. Creating open space in the living room and other common areas is essential during a housewarming party because you want everyone to have enough space to mingle and even dance if the rhythm gets them.

Tour the house at some point

Once everyone has spent some time chatting and snacking, it’s time to show them your gorgeous new property. Halfway through the party, start your house tour. Most of your guests will want to see every corner of your new home, so save time by having a group tour, instead of taking people separately. Not only will you save time, but you will also avoid the risk of leaving anyone out from the tour.

Play music in the background for ambience

Every party needs upbeat tunes to keep the ambience going. So, make sure you create a playlist on Spotify, YouTube or whichever platform you prefer and have it play during the party. Alternatively, you can have a designated DJ if someone is really keen on being in charge of the party atmosphere. Depending on the crowd, you can switch between classical music, soft jazz, or spa tunes if you aim for a chill vibe.

Leaving an impression with your housewarming party may seem like a challenge, but you can certainly rise to the occasion and make the most of it. As long as you have enough drinks and food, you’ll be a good host. On top of that, make sure you play pleasant music, tour the house with guests, create enough space in the common areas for everyone to mingle, and you’ll host a lovely party everyone will talk about for weeks.