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How to Improve Your Connection with God From Home

How to Improve Your Connection with God From Home

There will be days where you are so busy that time passes in a flash. Your home is the one space where you’re supposed to be able to connect to God in peace. When you find that connection getting weak, it’s time to reevaluate where you are in life. Download sermons here to get started with the renewal of your relationship.

Did You Make Time For God?

It’s easy to say that you don’t have time for something, even at home. The big difference is it only takes a few minutes to appreciate what God has done for you. Think about the role that he has in your life and ask yourself if a few minutes is worth sparing. If the answer is yes, then it should be no problem at all to make time when necessary. Once you get into the habit of taking time for yourself at home, including God becomes the next priority.

When Is The Last Time You Had A Heart To Heart?

People bottle up their emotions, frustration, stress and disappointments all the time. It is like filling a cup until it overflows and makes a mess. The last thing you would want is for someone you love to be around when you blow up. Instead of suppressing your emotions, have a heart to heart with God. He won’t judge your actions, and more importantly he is the best listener around. By getting it out gradually, you never have to worry about hurting the people around you.

Memorize A Scripture Daily

At first this may seem like a small gesture when it comes to getting closer to God. But in reality, you gain a better understanding of the bible, and more importantly, God. The words you memorize will become an important lesson that helps you through multiple life situations. It won’t take long before you start quoting the bible and understanding its hidden messages for life, love, relationships and faith. There are no shortcuts to learning the bible, but this is a recommended step to getting a better understanding.


read bible scriptures You spend money to outfit your phone, tablet and other electronic accessories, so why not your bible? There are many ways to outfit your bible so that it is unique from others. This is a good tip for both the old and young generation. An upgraded bible can also serve as a visual reminder to make time for God when you’re at home. A bible that looks just as good as an iPhone should be the norm, not the minority.

Wrap Up

There is no secret to finding time when you don’t have it. All of the tips provided require you to take some time for yourself, even when life won’t leave you alone. It is those quiet moments you have at home that will help you through the next day. The most loved things in the world are often the ones we don’t give enough attention to.

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