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How to Make your Home Smell Good Instantly

How to Make your Home Smell Good Instantly

There is something really special about having a scent for your home. You may remember the smell of a relative’s home and associate it with nice and happy memories. This is great, and believe it or not, it’s more than possible for you to achieve this for your own home too.

Put Something on the Stove

Simmer some water in a saucepan with some citrus and herbs. You might also want to add some lavender oil or even some mint too. The heat will send the sweet smell throughout your home and this is ideal if you have some people coming over shortly. It’s also ideal if you are hosting a dinner party and want your home to smell fantastic too.

Make Scent Jars

Scent jars make great gifts and they can last for weeks at a time. The method is similar to the above, in which you use boiling water and certain ingredients. When you have done this, you need to add some choice ingredients that symbolise the occasion. This could include cinnamon sticks or even dried apples, to celebrate the Christmas period.

Clean your Garbage Disposal

If you have a lingering smell, then you will know how annoying this can be. One way for you to deal with this would be for you to check the sink. If that’s the culprit, then put some lemon-scented washing up liquid and then turn the water on. You can also run some lemon rind through your garbage disposal too. This will clean the inside of the pipes and it will give it a much more pleasant smell. If you still find that the smell persists then try and put ½ cup of cheap baking soda down there, and then wash it down with plenty of hot water.

Strategic Candles

Strategically placed unlit candles are a great way for you to make your home smell sweet. You could place some nice smelling ones in your linen closet or even in your drawers. This may sound odd, but it will transfer the scent to any fabrics that you have stored away. When the time comes for you to use them, you won’t have to worry about that dusty cupboard smell, and this can make a huge difference to your home. Need cheap candles? These Kohl’s Coupons are ideal for those who want to save.

Bring the Outside In

Believe it or not, indoor plants clean the air and they also beautify your home too. A lot of plants are able to give off pleasant fragrances too, such as gardenias or even corsage orchids.

Air Vents

If you have air conditioning in your home, then you could be pumping bad smells throughout your home without even realising it. One way for you to get around this would be for you to clip a deodoriser to the metal slats. This will help you to keep the air fresh and it will also save you from having to deal with that dusty smell when the hot weather hits, which is always a bonus.

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