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How To Onboard Staff Regarding Your IT Systems

How To Onboard Staff Regarding Your IT Systems

When hiring any staff, it is essential to get them up to speed. From staff that are completely new to those who have years of industry experience under their belt, all must become familiar with the idiosyncrasies of your particular business setup. Of course, this can include the smaller considerations such as where you store the coffee, but it can also include more important things to some, such as getting up to speed with their workflow.

As a business manager, it is your responsibility to ensure this process is much more effective each time, and that it is introduced in the most clarified manner possible. Additionally, it should be impervious to new user error, affording for an easy onboarding process. Thankfully, in 2019, this has become easier than ever, despite the visible threat of a new digital ecosystem seeming overwhelming for a few minutes before the systems are fully understood. Thankfully, it only takes a moment to understand the best approach here, and we wish to take that moment to yield you the following advice:

Spend Some Training Sessions With Them

It’s important that you help them get up to speed by setting them up with an account (pending the correct information), showing them their digital workflow, and having them perform a range of simple tasks to prove they understand. Additionally, you might use an example from a past project to show how certain niche software may have been used to get the right result. 

Additionally, giving them a booklet of these processes can help them have questioned answered should they need to be posed again, or help remind them of the lessons you have taught. Simple things, should as what printer should be used in what department, or how to protect the sign-on process by using a VPN, can be the most important thing to take care of.

Familiarize Them With Your IT Managed Services

The best managed IT services, such as, offer the most comprehensive and yet easy-to-understand framework for you to understand, and from there for you to instruct your new staff member with. You might simply keep them updating on cybersecurity developments and new practices, how to best protect sensitive documents, or what supplemental frameworks they can expect to see within your business most often. Familiarizing them with this can often make the most difference in the long term, and you are sure to appreciate that as well.

Be Prepared For Mistakes

It’s not uncommon for any staff member to make mistakes or need further collaboration. They may save files in an incorrect manner, or they may have trouble keeping in touch with your VPN suite, or they may take a little time to format their emails correctly. It might have been much different in the job they spent time working in before, and they need a little time to adapt. However, when you are prepared for mistakes you can ensure a better standard of learning, as you can help them work through those kinks carefully.

With this advice, you’re sure to onboard your staff correctly.

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