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How to Pack for Your Summer Vacation in 3 Easy Steps?

How to Pack for Your Summer Vacation in 3 Easy Steps?

Packing for a vacation often feels like you’re moving permanently to another city or a country. With a myriad of unnecessary accessories, clothing, and footwear, you end up with an overloaded luggage, and you don’t even get the chance to wear half of what you’ve brought. You might want to grab a really good backpack and so, if you have no idea how to pack properly and keep all the clothes neat and tidy, the next three steps will make you a packing pro.

Essential guidelines

Even though we may think we need to bring our entire summer wardrobe to a vacation, actually that’s far from the truth. Spending most of the day at the beach in a swimsuit gives you the chance to pack lightly. So, the next time you start wondering whether you need that crochet top or not, chances are you don’t. The moment you’re not 100% sure, leave it aside, and move on to other pieces of clothing. Besides, it’s always better to leave some room to buy something new on the vacation than to carry a whole bunch of stuff that you won’t even put on once. What’s more, you can always wear your favourite skirt twice, just mix it up with another top, and get an entirely new outfit. Don’t load up on too many accessories and footwear either. Have in mind that you will probably want to buy a new pair of sandals or stylish bracelets while on a vacation, so make some room for shoe shopping.

Choose outfits strategically

Choosing a specific colour palette which you’ll stick to when selecting your tops, bottoms, and footwear is one of the best strategies that will help you pack lightly and painlessly. Effective colour combos will create a unique ensemble you’ll be able to mix and match in various different ways. Navy blue with the combination of white and red is the perfect nautical palette for a chic summer look. If you go for a pastel colour palette, consider matching dusky pink, peach, white, lemon, baby blue, baby pink, and taupe to look feminine and stylish. If your wardrobe already fits into a certain colour palette, it’ll be even easier for you to pick which clothes you’ll bring.

Packing list and finishing touches

When you start packing for a vacation, you can easily get carried away and bring more than you need. What you can do to prevent the unnecessary overload is lay out the all the clothing items you want to pack on the bed and see what you’ve actually picked. It’ll give you a perspective of how much you’re willing to pack for those 10-12 days on the seaside. If you still think you’ll end up with too much stuff in your luggage wheels, consider applying the following packing list. Don’t pack more than three pairs of elegant shoes, a pair of flat sandals, and a pair of shoes you’ll wear for everyday walks. Always bring two swimsuits, and at least three summer dresses. A stylish womens denim jacket would go great with both dresses and shorts, and will keep you warm in case the nights are breezy. A pair of pants is enough, so go either for linen or denim jeans, but don’t bring both. Add one skirt, and three tops you can match with pants and a skirt, and choose jewellery that will help you create unique and fashionable ensembles. With 2-3 belts, you’ll make any outfit stylish and chic.

Final thoughts

If you used to pack too heavily for summer vacation, with these packing tips those days are far behind you. By following these three steps, packing for every next vacation will go smoothly and effortlessly. All you have to keep in mind is that you can always wash your clothes on vacation and that you don’t have to bring your entire wardrobe from home. Mix and match, and with the right colour palette you’ll always have a plethora of chic outfits to show off.

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