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How to Travel Safely During the Summer

How to Travel Safely During the Summer

Soon, the brunt of the pandemic may be over, which means that it will be a lot safer to travel. A lot of people might rush to make up for the lost 2020 but it is never a good idea to disregard your safety.

There are several ways in which your safety may be compromised while on a holiday. For instance, your luggage can be stolen or misplaced. You may contract a disease or get infected with COVID-19. Your personal safety may be put at risk and even your physical safety is not always guaranteed. So, here’s how to travel safely during the summer.

1. Test and vaccine

In order to be ready for travel, you need to do all you can in order to suppress the further spread of COVID-19. Regardless of differing opinions on this subject, the majority of studies and reputable people of science claim that vaccination is the best way to stay safe and protect others. Some countries require a certificate of vaccination, others ask for a test before entering their country. While this is a travel requirement, the key thing you need to understand is that it also keeps you safe and prevents a scenario in which you fail to detect a problem early on.

Other than this, it’s also important that you understand a couple of the rules for safety travel during this epidemic. Wearing a mask is a must, regardless if you’re vaccinated or not. Also, keep in mind that different areas of the country and different countries have different case count and the last thing you want is to contribute to the spread. If you can avoid crowds, that would be ideal. Some of this, we’ll discuss later on (when talking about the choice of transportation). Overall, your personal hygiene, like watching out what you touch and wearing a mask are also quite important.

2. Spread your assets

When carrying money on a vacation, it’s best that you spread your assets around your luggage, pockets, wallet and several other places. This way, if anything gets stolen or misplaced, you’ll never be left cashless in a distant place. It’s also a good idea to keep some money on a card, while the rest is in cash. An ATM, even in a foreign country, can come in particularly handy. Still, even using an ATM is not the same all over the globe. Keep in mind that while you can’t enjoy your trip while being paranoid, the truth is that in some parts of the globe you need to be extra careful in order to protect your assets.

3. Choose your transportation carefully

Choosing your transportation will affect your safety quite drastically. While there’s safety in numbers, there’s also the reliability and comfort of controlling your own vehicle or being alone on a flight/sail. Regardless if you’re traveling via a private car or if you plan to go via a more extravagant route and hire a luxury yacht charter, by being alone while you travel, you won’t have to worry about other passengers. This means that you won’t have to watch out where you leave your bag, your phone or your wallet. Sure, this might not sound as much but it can definitely make a world of difference.

4. Buy a luggage GPS

One of the big risks while traveling is getting your luggage lost. This is especially true if you have something expensive, essential or relevant for your trip inside. The best way to secure your luggage (since some forms of travel won’t let you keep it in sight at all times) is to buy an inexpensive device known as luggage GPS. This way, you can track the position and the exact location of your luggage at any point via your phone or some other device. The best thing is that you buy it only once and you get to keep and use it on every single holiday and trip that you embark on.

5. Bring something for self-defense

When walking the streets of an unknown city, you’ll have no idea which areas are safe and which are not. Sure, you can do your research before you leave but you can’t stay on track all the time. In these scenarios, you need something to keep you safe. The best choice is definitely a pepper spray, seeing as how it’s simple to use, impossible to miss and completely non-lethal. This means that, if you are ever in a situation where you have to use it, you won’t hesitate. This can make all the difference regarding your safety. More importantly, it’s easy to fit in a hand (in a bag or a pocket) and you can even attach it to a keychain.

Regardless if you’re traveling to be reunited with your family or if you’re using your days off to go on a vacation, safety should always be a top concern. Only after you know that you, your family and your belongings are safe, can you take your mind off this and focus entirely on things that really matter. It goes without saying that the above-listed four trends really help out in this regard.