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It Is Astonishingly Easy To Overthink Your Business IT Solutions

It Is Astonishingly Easy To Overthink Your Business IT Solutions

In 2019 and nearing 2020, it is easier than ever to overthink your business IT solutions. You would be forgiven for doing so. There are more IT services out there and more software suites, security packages, cloud offerings and devices to use than you might have time to research. It’s not as if you make a decision by assessing every single product on the market and going from there. No, you simply try to find that which is most suitable to your needs, and see if you can make a difference. 

If you find that your application of this has become somewhat fraught in recent years, then it’s worthwhile to take a breather and assess what is really important. Sometimes pruning your systems can help you establish a more comprehensive, more secure workflow. Not only will this help you make more sense of your business life, but also establish a direct causal link of staff satisfaction during their daily work. You could be forgiven a second time for celebrating how this can freshen up your business.

So, let us consider how it might be possible:

Using Disparate Suites

Do not use disparate suites. By that we mean having a domain name email, a different web service provider, many different open source and industry-standard software packages installed on computers. It will only confuse staff. Keep your software standards defaulted. Keep everything functional throughout. Computer IT services can often do the heavy lifting when helping recommend your initial setup and how you should integrate certain file types, software suites and common security norms with one another. Optimizing in this way can open room for even more utility, such as excellent cloud services or foolproof secure sign-in methods. On top of that, finding business licenses for certain software packages can actually be cheaper than buying it direct or outright, or mistakenly using different packages for different devices.

The Workstation

Consider the tools that your employee actually needs at their workstation and go from there. They will rarely need a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop at the same time. In fact, keeping the workstation simple, perhaps by providing two functioning monitors, a mechanical keyboard and an ergonomic chair can help a business remain functional, without having to spend over the odds. You might think you need the best iMac functionalities to run a business, but the truth is more textured than that. And these decisions will all sprout from the kind of workstation you use or provide.

Simple Sign-Ins

It can be worthwhile to ensure simple sign-ins are used in order to help staff verify their identities when logging in. Helping staff with a uniform password policy, using dedicated apps for 2-factor authentication as well as simple operating procedures such as one-sign-on VPNs can make a real difference, saving both you and your time plenty of time in the long run.

With this advice, you are much more likely to prevent overthinking your IT solutions.

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