Make passive income with Omnia Tech Mining Bitcoins and Marketing

Make passive income with Omnia Tech Mining Bitcoins and Marketing

Bitcoin is rising again and is at present exchanging over $5000. In case you’re searching for ways to transform this digital currency revolution into passive income, visit Omnia-Tech, a mining company that offers lifetime mining contracts and day by day payouts straightforwardly to your favored wallet. The beautiful thing about Omnia, if your contract is no longer productive, the company will automatically put your hash power on another profitable cryptocurrency.

Omnia-Tech offers a lifetime contract at no additional cost. The company at first gives you a chance to choose from 5 different coins:


Litecoin (LTC)


Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Different Ways to Earn:

Omnia Tech partners are paid 10% of funds contributed by personal enrolled associates.

Binary Bonus up to $4000 per day

Daily Matching Bonus on 4 Levels deep

Monthly Turnover Bonus

Rank Achievements up to $500,000

Check out here the Omnia Compensation Plan.

For those of you hoping to benefit from this advancement and earn passive income with mining and marketing, you have to register via an invitational link.

Omnia Tech Package Pricing

Starter: $100

Kickstarter: $500

Light Miner: $1000

Mid Miner: $3000

Strong Miner: $8500

Master Miner: $15,000

Elite Miner: $25,000

When you purchase the mining plan, you get ROI consistently and make passive income. The ROI relies on the type of exchanged currency. Bitcoin is calculated on CPU miners, and the so-called AltCoins computed on GPU Miner (graphics cards).

The most important aspect is the evidence that degrades, and I can affirm that I get payments consistently for payment. I think these guys behind Omnia-Tech are incredible and see a bright future in this company. At Omnia, we are on the safe side because Omnia is an official partner of Genesis Mining. The split is Genesis Mining with its exceptionally qualified and experienced employees who assume control over the mining and hardware support and Omnia take control over the marketing and the revenues in the direct sales.

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