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Male Sexual Issues We Don’t Like to Talk About

Male Sexual Issues We Don’t Like to Talk About

Sexual health is an important aspect of every man’s life, regardless of his age, social status or sexual orientation. Sexual health issues or dysfunctions may not only affect normal sexual activity and the man’s ability to experience satisfaction, but also affect his relationships. In some cases, sexual issues may also indicate more serious health conditions. Although sexual-related issues can often be a sensitive topic, the majority of them can be treated with success, so it’s important for men to talk to their doctors without hesitations or shame. Here is a short overview of the most prevalent sexual dysfunctions and their treatments.

Erectile dysfunction

Generally known as impotence, it includes a set of symptoms that prevent men form achieving or maintaining an efficient erection to have sex. However, as the penis needs good blood flow to sustain an erection, this problem may be a signal for a cardiac or vascular disease. In a recent large cohort study that involved more than 120,000 men selected randomly from the general population of NSW, the researchers recorded hospital admissions while the participants completed a postal questionnaire. It was discovered, that among men without previous cardiovascular disease, those with severe erectile dysfunctions were more likely to develop ischemic heart disease, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, and other types of cardiovascular disease than men without erectile dysfunction. Yet, only 10% of Australian men with ED seek medical help. Treatment for erectile dysfunction often involves dealing with the underlying causes such as obesity, smoking, cholesterol and other risk factors for CV disease. If not treated, this condition will not only lead to physical problems but can also result in all kinds of crisis in marriage and some serious mental problems.

Prolonged erection

Known since the antiquity as Priapism, it is a condition of a long-lasting erection that can permanently damage the penis tissue. Men who experience an erection lasting longer than four hours should report to an ER immediately to receive treatment. Interestingly, among other causes of prolonged erections is medication used to treat ED. Pills like Viagra may have such a side effect, but it occurs more frequently if the drug is injected directly into the penis. The condition can also occur as a result of cocaine use, certain psychiatric medications or sickle-cell disease. Treatments include surgery and medications that limit the blood flow into the penis.

The size of the penis

The question is probably as old as humanity itself – does the size matter? Penises come in all shapes and sizes, yet sometimes, due to various reasons, the size of the penis prevents both partners from having a satisfactory intercourse. On the man’s part, there is a feeling of incompleteness and embarrassment, while on his partner’s side there is dissatisfaction with the performance. In any case, it impacts both the relationship and psychological well-being. Data from Phalloplasty Australia website shows that 45% of men believe they have an inadequate penis. As a solution, today’s medicine offers several treatments that enlarge the penis to a proper size. This clinic for phalloplasty in Perth offers the latest clinically proven method that is painless and ensures quick recovery. After the local anaesthetic numbs the penis, liquid gel filler is injected into the shaft: the whole procedure takes up to 60 minutes.

Low testosterone level

While the level of this essential male hormone drops gradually with age, some men experience testosterone deficiency syndrome as their testosterone production level drops dramatically. This condition, however, may not only affect your libido and sexual performance, but also your bone mass, hair growth, semen volume and mood. Low testosterone level can be easily determined by a simple morning blood test. If testosterone deficiency is proven guilty of your problems, the doctor may prescribe testosterone replacement therapy such as Androgel, which needs to be repeated until your testosterone level reaches the Super League level.

Sexual dysfunctions that affect men’s sexual activity can be damaging to both their self-esteem and relationships. Luckily, most of these issues are manageable through timely medical attention, proper diet and exercise that boost natural testosterone levels and reduce the risks of other, more serious conditions.