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Mood Booster: 5 Fun Activities for Exceptionally Bored Adults

Mood Booster: 5 Fun Activities for Exceptionally Bored Adults

Tired of spending your weekends in pajamas with Cheeto dust on your fingers, wondering where your youth went? Look no further.

To get you of your boring funk, we’ve put together a list of fun activities that’ll make your weekends worth working towards!

Actually Fun Activities

Gone are the days of mindless scrolling on social media and re-watching your favorite sitcom for the 7th time. These ideas will bring some much-needed fun into your life.

1. Group Fitness Classes

Even if you hate the gym and haven’t done a push-up since middle school, there’s plenty of group fitness classes out there that are actually really fun. Hear us out.

For example, cardio kickboxing is an awesome way to fulfill your dreams of being a crime-fighting hero. Get your heart pumping while you learn how to beat up imaginary bad guys.

An added bonus: exercise releases endorphins in your brain, making you feel happier and more energized.

2. Escape Rooms

Adrenaline junkie? Puzzle fiend? This one’s for you.

Visiting an escape room is the perfect combination of mental exercise and fun with friends.

The goal is to break out of a room by cracking codes and solving riddles with your friend group. It’ll get your brain juices flowing and make you guys work together as a team.

3. Brewery Tours & Tastings

Get your hipster on. Look online for local breweries and get a taste of their craft beers. It’s a great social outing if you’re tired of the bars and clubs in your area.

Visit with a group of friends and debate which craft beer flavor is best. Step outside your comfort zone with unique or seasonal flavors.

4. Outdoor Adventures

Just get out of the house. No matter where you live, there’s at least one option to get you moving on an outdoor adventure.

A great way to get to know your city better is to go on hikes in natural areas or even take long walks downtown.

Take the opportunity to put your phone down and appreciate your surroundings. Hike alone to clear your head. You can also hike with a fun friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with. Just get out there and get moving.

5. Improv Classes

An improv class is basically a non-stop laughing session. You’ll be placed in a ridiculous made-up situation with no specific instructions. Being silly isn’t just acceptable, it’s necessary!

Trying improv will push you out of your comfort zone. You’ll meet a bunch of new people and learn to loosen up in front of strangers.

Change Things Up

Chances are, you’re bored because you do the same old stuff every single day. We don’t blame you.

The solution is simple: change it up however you can. Whether you try one of these fun activities or come up with one on your own, don’t shy away from new experiences.

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