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Motorcycle Movies To Watch Before Buying A Bike

Motorcycle Movies To Watch Before Buying A Bike

I can’t lie. I am pretty easily influenced into something particularly when I have seen it on the big screen. It just so happens that I have recently watched John Wick 3 and one of the cooler scenes in the movie involves a group of Ducati riding ninjas armed with samurai swords chasing Wick down on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. If you haven’t yet seen the movie, I highly recommend it. But beware, like me, you just may want to invest in a motorcycle of your own.

To help with the decision making process, I decided to catch up with a few other movies that have motorcycles in them, just to get a sense of what might suit me best. For a bit of variety I picked movies from different decades and settled on Grease 2 (1982), Beyond the Law (1993) and Mission Impossible 2 (2000).

Grease 2 tells the story of high school student and Pink Lady, Stephanie Zione, outgrowing her boyfriend and leader of the T-Birds, Johnny Nogereilli. Luckily for Stephanie there is a new kid in town, Michael Carrington who is very much interested in getting to know her. However, Stephanie makes it clear that what she really wants is ‘a cool rider’, by which she means a cool guy on a cool bike. Of course Michael’s main priority quickly becomes obtaining a motorcycle so he can become the cool rider Stephanie is looking for. It is a Holden Scrambler that helps Michael transition from high school kid into a cool rider. As the movie is set in the early 1960’s the Scrambler has a definite retro feel. Michael completes his look with leather pants, leather jacket, sometimes zipped down revealing his bare chest, black motorcycle helmet and some serious motorcycle goggles. The formula works and he gets the girl.

Beyond the Law, which has been described as Point Break with motorcycles, is actually based on a true story and follows Dan Saxon as he tries to take down an ‘outlaw motorcycle brotherhood’. There are many motorcycles in the movie, however, Saxon chooses to ride a Harley Davidson which definitely has a cool laid back look to it, thanks to the long handlebars. Saxon’s look in the movie is a little rougher than that of Michael Carrington in Grease 2. Particularly as he chooses to ride without a helmet and instead sport what can only be described as a beasty mullet, and some interesting spectacles.

Harley Davidson

Mission Impossible 2 follows the adventures of Ethan Hunt, a spy that has been tasked with the impossible mission of finding and destroying a biological weapon. The bike brand of choice in this movie was Triumph and two models were actually used. They are the Speed Triple and the Daytona 955i. However, it was the Speed Triple that Hunt rides, while the bad guy rode Daytona. Hunt’s bike features a dual headlamp resulting in a very unique look and with short handlebars, this bike looks very equipped for high speeds and stunts.

Overall, I enjoyed my five plus hours of research, with each motorcycle having their own unique features and reasons I should buy one. I love anything retro, so the Holden Scrambler appeals to me, while the Harley Davidson just drips with classic cool, and the Triumph Speed Triple looking like a lot of fun!

I hate to admit but I am still undecided, so I just may need to watch Kill Bill and check out the KawasakiZZR 250 ridden by Beatix Kiddo, just to keep my options open.

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