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Simple Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know About

Simple Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know About

Let’s be honest – that glowing, effortless look we strive to pull off so ingeniously is not effortless at all. Beauty takes some work, whether it’s practice with applying mak up to find what works best for you and to execute it perfectly, or constant and devoted skin care that results in flawless skin. That’s where simple beauty hacks come as heaven-sent to make things easier and help us achieve #beautygoals. Follow these tips and tricks to save yourself a lot of trouble and get the best results.

Reduce irritation after waxing

If you’ve just waxed but can’t head out because of the unseemly redness and irritation, gently press a cotton pad soaked in milk on the affected area and hold for about 10 minutes. If you want to head out with your legs bare but they look irritated, you can wrap them in milk-soaked gauze first.

Get rid of facial hair

Try the following mask recipe: Mix together 1 tbsp oatmeal paste, 2 tbsp lemon juice, and 2 tbsp honey. Then rub this mixture into the spot where you want to uproot hair and hold it for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water afterwards and apply moisturizer. Repeat this treatment 2-3 times a week and you’ll be rid of the hair in about a month.

No more chapped lips

Press a wet green tea bag against your lips for a few seconds to get some instant soothing and moisturizing. To avoid chapped lips in the first place, always apply chapstick with SPF – and not just to protect your lips from the sun, but from wind as well. For a very deep exfoliating mask, apply coconut oil and sugar on your lips and rub gently.

Perfect brow

Find the natural arch of your brow using a pencil (or end of a brush) and this visual guide. If you maintain your eyebrows on your own, it will ensure you’re doing it properly, otherwise, a brow professional will use a similar technique to find the natural beginning, arch and end of your brow. Also, choose the shade of your eyebrow pencil carefully – go for one that matches the colour of your hair, and don’t substitute it with an eyeliner pencil because those shades look unnatural on brows.

Brighter, bigger eyes

Apply matte white eye pencil on your eyelids as a foundation for your eyeshadow. Make an outline on your lids and then fill it in with the same pencil. That will make the shadow look brighter and your eyes really pop – in the good way. This is especially nifty for those with smaller eyelids, as it doubles the effect of eye shadow.

Lustful lashes

Long, thick eyelashes are synonymous with big, beautiful eyes, but only a lucky few are blessed with them. Quality fake eyelashes work miracles when it comes to getting the most elegant look and bringing out the diva in you. If you’re not using fake ones, however, bring some curl and thickness to your natural lashes with these tips: apply heat to your curler by blow-drying it for a couple of seconds, and then curl your lashes by making upward C-shape movements. Apply a layer of mascara, then a splash of baby powder and mascara again to seal the thickness. You can also get a base eyeliner layer by drawing with a kohl pencil on the part of your curler that will be touching the bottom of your lids, and then just perfect the look with some more eyeliner.

Dandruff free

If you have a chronic problem with dandruff, it’s best to visit a dermatologist and use a prescription shampoo. However, if you only experience frequent bouts of dandruff, get rid of the condition quickly by crushing aspirin and mixing it with your shampoo. Frequent scalp massages with a mixture of a teaspoon  apple cider vinegar diluted in a cup of water will also be of great help, and effectively get rid of product build-up.

Wake up with curls

For a casual beach look that takes almost no time at all, wash your hair before sleep, then divide it into at least four parts and twist them into small buns. You’ll wake up with messy curls that need just a little scrunching up to finish the look. Alternatively, you can braid your hair into a couple of braids to get nice, flowy curls, provided your hair is long enough for this (at least shoulder length).

Try out these tips and tricks and voilà! Beaut doesn’t have to mean hard work, after all.

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