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Single And Traveling Solo – 5 Best Destinations To Travel To And Love It

Single And Traveling Solo – 5 Best Destinations To Travel To And Love It

Travelling is the ultimate way to reset your life. If you feel like you’re in a rut, everything is boring and uninspiring, and on top of all that you’re single, life can feel like a season of a TV show you’ve watched a few times before. You’ve seen it all and you feel like a change of scenery might do you good. Especially if you’ve never travelled alone before, the following destinations are perfect for a solo traveller.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is considered one of the friendliest cities for solo travellers. It’s the perfect place for you if you love to walk around and find something fun, interesting and new to do at every corner. People are quite fluent in English so you won’t have any issue getting directions or striking up a conversation with a dashing stranger. 

Setting up a great itinerary won’t be a problem, the only problem you might face is the lack of time to visit all that you’ve planned since Amsterdam is also dubbed as the city that never sleeps.  You can wander the canals and take amazing shots, visit the Van Gogh Museum and The Rijksmuseum, and visit The Albert Cuyp Market and the Red District. You can also hop on a food tour and discover some delicious meals. You can also go genever tasting and meet amazon locals. 

Berlin, Germany

For a taste of vibrant nightlife, diverse culture, laidback style and rich history, put Berlin on your list. First of all, Berlin is interesting because of its rich history. Start by visiting The Berlin Wall, The Holocaust Memorial,  the Topography of Terror and the Holocaust Memorial. You can dedicate a day to these historic landmarks and then move on to the fun part of staying in Berlin.

Explore the streets of Berlin to see amazing street art, taste amazing food and get to know the Berlin culture up close and personal. Since Berlin is dubbed as the best place for clubbing in Europe, get ready to party. From clubs to more laidback bars and alternative venues, there’s something for everyone. Lastly, don’t forget to take a tour of the best beer spots in Berlin and The Museum Island. 

Melbourne, Australia

Next on our list is the Land Down Under and the magnificent Melbourne. Melbourne is yet another city where you can have fun during the day and night. During the day you can enjoy museums, theatres, and galleries and listen to live music, while at night you can go to an interesting festival or even go to a Melbourne brothel. That’s why Melbourne is a perfect destination for single men, you simply don’t have to experience it all alone. Don’t forget to check out urban areas like Hosier Lane and admire street art and fantastic coffee shops. Taste authentic food, and visit amazing rooftops and amazing markets. Lastly, don’t forget about Melbourne’s beaches and take in a sunset or even a sunrise if you find a good company.

Ibiza, Spain

If you are in the mood to party all day every day, book a ticket to Ibiza. Especially if the idea of partying in the broad daylight somewhere on the beach is your definition of perfection, Ibiza is made for you. Nevertheless, if you need a break from partying hard, you can also enjoy Ibiza’s amazing beaches, high-quality food which is a mixture of Spanish and Mediterranean dishes and enjoy a laidback atmosphere. There are also some historic landmarks worth visiting like the old town known as the Dalt Vila and Sa Caleta Phoenician Settlement. You can also go on a variety of guided tours, from snorkelling adventures to a three-hour trip that includes a trip to a cave, snorkelling and experiencing an amazing sunset. 

Bangkok, Thailand

One simply cannot mention travelling while single without putting Bangkok in Thailand on the list of possible destinations. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you’ll definitely explore a culture that is diverse and limitless. Nightlife is definitely one of Bangkok’s top attractions, but, don’t just focus on partying, that’s a sure thing. Moreover, explore stands with local food, take a tour of the city on a tuk-tuk or a bicycler, explore the temples, watch a Muay Thai match and go on a private jungle tour. 

If you feel like a change of scenery, and if these travel destinations have sparked your curiosity,

you’ll know which one speaks to you the most. Have fun!