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Skin Problems You May Face When Expecting a Baby

Skin Problems You May Face When Expecting a Baby

Pregnancy is a special period in the life of a woman for multiple reasons. Not only are you welcoming a child into the world, but the entire process of growing a baby inside your belly will cause a series of transformations that will change you forever. Aside from the emotional fulfillment you’ll feel during these nine months and after you hold your baby for the first time, you may experience some unpleasantries such as skin conditions. From acne to stretch marks and hyperpigmentation, check out all the potential skin issues you might have to deal with during pregnancy.

Relentless breakouts

Remember how you thought that you’d never have to deal with nasty breakouts after puberty ended? Well, unfortunately, hormonal changes during pregnancy will wreak havoc on your skin and most likely cause acne to pop up once again in your life. You know how they say pregnant women have a special glow? In 90% of the cases, it’s caused by the oil glands secreting more oil because of the hormonal changes, and this can cause breakouts. In the other 10%, you’re just perspiring like crazy and can’t help but look all “shiny”. Over-the-counter face soap or toners for oily skin may help you clear your face of excess oils.

Unavoidable stretch marks

Since you’re growing another person inside you, your skin will have to stretch as your body makes room for your bundle of joy. Sadly, this will cause reddish lines, also known as stretch marks, to appear on your lower belly, your breasts, and possibly thighs. If you start gaining weight slowly and evenly, you may be in luck and avoid striae, but if you suddenly become heavier, stretch marks will become your reality. Moisturizing your skin with lotions or cocoa butter can prevent striae from appearing and make them look less obvious later if you do end up with them.

Dry scalp issues

Funnily enough, if your skin becomes oilier during pregnancy, you may also end up with a dry scalp. What some pregnant ladies have reported is that their dandruff problem lasted for a short time but ended at the exact same time as their acne problem did. In case of a dry scalp, try out the best organic dandruff shampoo so that you know your skin doesn’t absorb chemicals that can potentially affect your little one. Feel free to go all-natural even post-pregnancy, while you’re breastfeeding, to be sure your bundle of joy is getting only the healthiest milk from their mommy.



Have you maybe noticed that the dark spots you had on your body are becoming even darker as your pregnancy advances? If so, you are dealing with hyperpigmentation. This is another side-effect caused by hormones that many women deal with, but it doesn’t require any special treatment. All you need to remember is to cover up if you’re going outside because the sun can only make the condition worse.

Spider veins

The higher amounts of blood in your body, along with the hormonal changes, are likely to lead to spider veins appearing on your arms, neck, or face. Once the baby is born, the redness will disappear, and you’ll have your pre-baby skin back. No treatment is required. All you need to do is wait patiently to have your little one in your arms, and the spider veins will be history.

Pregnancy is one of the most miraculous stages of life. However, while it brings immense joy to a mother, it can also come with several skin problems. Whether you end up dealing with acne, stretch marks, a dry scalp, hyperpigmentation, or spider veins, don’t stress too much. It will all be over once your baby is born.

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