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The Benefits of Working From Home

The Benefits of Working From Home

Improved productivity is something that tends to come up at the top of the list of benefits when people think about working from home. In fact, according to a survey where 1,000 professionals were asked what were some of the benefits of working from home are, the results came out as the following:

Top 10 benefits of working from home:

  • Higher productivity was reported because you can work without interruption and fit in more things in (as well as taking less time for lunch and less time where you might normally talk to colleagues)
  • Skill retention was also listed, as you can get a greater commitment from staff when they are able to work in a more flexible environment
  • Happier staff can be a result of working from home, which can lead to better motivation
  • More flexible working, and no time spent commuting can create a much better, or balanced, work and life balance.
  • If there is an option to work from home, it is seen as being massively appealing to employees and prospective employees
  • Because of the improvement in work-life balance, employees are likely to be less stressed and have a greater overall well-being
  • Because there is no commuting, there is a reduced carbon footprint for everyone
  • For everyone involved, there are some much reduced overheads
  • Working from home can be a positive image for the company as it looks much more dynamic and flexible
  • The office can be much smaller for everyone, if there are always going to be people working from home, so the costs can be reduced

All of these benefits make working from home really appealing. A lot of them are benefits for larger businesses, though some of them are still relevant for people working from home when they are self-employed. But there are some extra benefits, as well as disadvantages, when it comes to working at home when working for yourself. 

The lack of a commute is really appealing for many, as well as a better work-life balance. Though when the business is your own, it can be hard to switch off, for sure, so not everyone is going to see an improved work-life balance. And on a similar note there are extra things to think about, such as money, tax returns, and looking for experienced tax attorneys at your service. But that is all part and parcel of owning your own business. So if you are thinking about working from home, deciding whether you will do it with an employer, or do it when working for yourself, needs to be considered. 

If you work for an employer than offers home working, then companies are providing staff with some flexibility, but they also ensure that they will be better able to measure outputs. Some businesses still have the mindset that unless they can see people at their desks, then they can’t really be working. So home working and flexible working is something that can take a while. But employers need to get on-board with it, as it can be a powerful retention tool, especially when they make it work.

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