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The Best Ultrabook of 2018 Biggest Internet Lies

The Best Ultrabook of 2018 Biggest Internet Lies

Several lies are peddled on the internet as they spread like wildfire. Some have even been accepted as the ‘truth.’ Most of these lies are told by individuals, companies, and other persons trying to get attention or have you take an action that will achieve their goals. Another set of lies are as a result of government propaganda. Besides, consumers also tell lies to access some services or products.

Below are biggest lies told on the internet in 2018.

ISPs are Not Making Enough Money

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are informing the state legislatures that running a neural network would not allow them to raise revenues that will enable them to meet up with the payment for upgrades. As a result, they will have to charge consumers higher bills for internet access to allow them to make enough money needed for upgrades and maintenance of their networks. Well, this is nothing but a big lie.

“Browsers’ “do not track” prevents websites from tracking you.”

The fact that you activate “do not track” on your browser does not mean that your request not to be followed will be respected. You do not even know when you are followed; so, this assertion is far from the truth. However, you can push the button since it is there, but do not expect not to be followed.

“The Founding Fathers allowed for unrestricted gun ownership.”

You hear this statement whenever there is an ugly gun issue. However, many of the rights Americans take for granted had not started to exist by the time the Founding Fathers consented to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

“Individuals are guaranteed the right to keep guns by the 2nd Amendment.”

There are a series of lies and misconceptions about the Second Amendment. This is purely a myth because there is nowhere in the amendment where it is stated that gun owners are allowed to own and keep firearms in their homes. It is one of several lies that have greeted the internet space in 2018.

“Gun control laws would mean a surge in illegal guns.”

There is no way that strict gun laws will increase the number of guns having witnessed here guns ended up in the wrong hands all these years. This is a scare tactic used by gun lobby representing gun sellers.

“I agree to the terms and conditions of this license.”

This is one of the all-time biggest lies. Hardly did many people read several pages of the terms and conditions of any software or application they are subscribing to before clicking this statement; consumers merely scroll down a webpage and click the “I accept” button.

“We value your feedback.”

What baffles most people, is an auto-responder that assures clients that their feedback is valued, but the brand goes on to categorically prove that in fact — they don’t appreciate such. Lots of people have reached out to banks, airlines, hotels, telephone companies, their local bakery — and been assured that their feedback is highly valued; however, its truism cannot be ascertained as they don’t seem to.