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The Quickest 3 Ways To Lose That Job Offer

The Quickest 3 Ways To Lose That Job Offer

When you’re applying for work, it’s not too hard to be able to find something or other which can offer you a quick job. But when it’s your dream job on the line, suddenly it can seem a thousand times more difficult to even approach the basics of job hunting. Besides, when you are going for something you really want, it’s worth pulling out all the stops to ensure that you can get it. For that reason, it’s a good idea to know what you need to do to make your chances that much higher, and that’s what we are going to look at here. The following are the quickest ways to find yourself in the rejection pile for the job of your dreams.

A Poor Resume

Plenty of people struggle to write a good resume, but if you know the basic dos and don’ts it shouldn’t actually be all that hard. Firstly, make sure that the overall design looks professional and not overly-fancy. Secondly, no typos or spelling mistakes. Employers spend an average of six seconds looking at a single resume, so they will be looking for an excuse to throw yours away – a typo is the perfect excuse. You should also make sure that you only list experience and education which is actually relevant, and that you tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. If you find all this a bit much, using a tool like the resume builder at could be the way to go.

No Cover Letter

Do you dread the cover letter? Most people do, and it seems that the main reason they do is because they don’t really know what to write in it. Actually, it’s relatively straightforward: your cover letter should be a brief, polite summation of why you want to apply for the job, why you think you could be the person for the position, and what unique abilities or skills you have to set you apart. Refrain from merely copying or rephrasing material in your resume, but feel free to highlight some of the important parts from it if necessary and relevant. At the very least, a brief note saying ‘thank you for considering me’ should be considered mandatory if you want to avoid the rejection pile.

Failing To Follow Instructions

Again, because they will be on the lookout for any tiny reason to say no to you – especially if they have thousand of applicants to look through – you should make sure that you are following instructions to the letter. If they only want postal applications, don’t email it to them. If they want you to answer specific questions in your application, does not omit that information. Give them what they want, and they are that much more likely to give you the job you want. See for more on this. Failing to follow basic instructions will not bode well if they are hoping to hire you for their role, so think about that as well.

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