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The Stationery Lover’s Gift Guide

The Stationery Lover’s Gift Guide

Don’t ever think that buying someone stationery is a rubbish gift, for a stationery lover, a new packet of colourful post-its is like Christmas! So, if you know someone who loves a new pen or calendar then this Christmas you can make their dreams come true and get them the best present ever. Here’s a little gift guide if you need a little help:

Pink’ ideas’ Ethical Stationery Set

Do you know a girly girl who also cares about the planet and her stationery as well? This is a beautiful Pink ‘ideas’ Ethical Stationery Set is a stationery lovers dream, perfect to fit into a bag to take out too. It includes an A5 softcover gold embossed ‘ideas’ sketch/ notebook, originally illustrated plain paper pocketbook, pack of three pencils featuring gold embossed ‘ideas’ and a pack of two black ballpoint pens. Every item has a strong environmental message of its own!

Eco-friendly stationery made by conscientious manufacturers that combine beautifully designed products with an ethical concept – protecting our planet and supporting children’s education projects worldwide. Proceeds from the manufacturer’s sales of products sold go towards children’s education projects worldwide.

One Line A Day: A Five Year Memory Book

A Midori Planner is just the best for this; if you love planning, love stationery and love memories, then this is for you. Writing down your thoughts and feelings each day, and it will really help with your mental health. It is perfect for people who aren’t big writers but like keeping a record of their precious memories in one place – they can see what they did on the same day for five years! It’s perfect for stationery lovers who love sentimental gifts.

Cactus Desktop Organiser

This fun and quirky design made out of durable poly-resin is the cutest thing for your desk or locker next year. It even has a hidden magnetic core for paper clip storage and cute little arms which are ideal for keeping track of elastic bands. He may have a prickly personality, but he’s excellent at lending a hand when it comes to desk organisation. This little fella’s completely hollow so you can stick your pens inside, not to mention that he’s partially magnetic too. He’s not like other cacti, in fact, he’s a total softie, so you don’t have to worry about those sharp needles embedding themselves into your skin whenever you reach for a paper clip.

Needle’s arms can be used to store elastic bands, and he’s made out of a durable poly-resin too. This means that he’s super long-lasting and able to survive the pains and toils of working in an office. This quirky piece of vegetation would make an excellent gift for any special occasion, and it’s a fantastic buy for anyone who’s always losing their pens, pencils and erasers. Could you give Cacti a loving home?

If you know a stationery lover then you need think outside the box, while they love different coloured post-its and pens, if you see something they have never seen before, then they will love it. Plus, they can never have too many notebooks!

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