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Tips on How to Make Your Yard More Private

Tips on How to Make Your Yard More Private

Just like our home, the yard that extends around it is our kingdom and we all want to feel as comfortable as possible as we dwell in these surroundings. However, it can be a true challenge to feel comfortable when you are exposed to the prying eyes of neighbors. If you feel as if you are laid bare whenever you leave the household to enjoy the tranquil surroundings of your lot, here are some useful tips on how to make your yard more private.

The hedge question – faux or au naturel?

When one considers the methods to make the yard more private, the first thing that springs to everyone’s mind is – a hedge. A tall and thick hedge is not only a good camouflage, it is an organic and aesthetically pleasing “wall” that blends with the environment and evokes pleasurable, calming feelings. Still, considering that you probably need to make the yard private as promptly as possible, waiting for the hedge to grow is not a reasonable solution.

This is where the faux hedge comes into the picture – it is installed promptly, it requires no watering, pruning or managing, it looks good and it is eternal. Still, considering it is faux, it can truly be a jarring feeling to know you have something so artificial in your yard. In addition, it doesn’t have the beneficial ecological function of greenery. Due to these factors, you should really think about your priorities before you decide on either of these two.

Bring shade sails into the mix

Shade sails are a good addition to your household exterior as they protect you and your family from the damaging sun rays as well as from the prying eyes of the neighborhood, especially if you are surrounded by houses that have two stories or more. These days, it is rather easy to find a retailer that deals in customizable commercial shade sails that will marry functionality with an aesthetically pleasing look. Depending on your needs, you can create a shade sails arrangement that is picture-perfect for your yard.

Opportune drapery where it can be placed

Shade sails are an amazing solution, but what about the “verticality” factor? This is where backyard drapes come in. Make sure to find cloth that is at least similar to that of the shade sails and strategically place it around your patio to create an alluring, almost exotic effect with a breezy vibe. As the drapes elegantly flutter on the wind, you’ll not only be protected from prying eyes but you’ll easily feel as if you are enjoying your afternoon coffee near the ocean coast.

Consider a vertical garden with spices and edibles

Still, drapes are not the only vertical solution you are left with, and neither is the hedge. If you have a green thumb and you tend to spend a lot of time in your backyard, enjoying the Zen activity of taking care of your greenery, then you should consider growing a vertical garden. By arranging all the pots on tall makeshift shelving you can kill two birds with one stone – have your yard concealed and reap the benefits of growing edible greenery and spices.

A pergola is costly but elegant and multipurpose

Of course, you can bypass many of the aforementioned tips by investing in a beautiful pergola. It is an elegant solution that can outline your yard gorgeously and transform it into a designer paradise. It will essentially turn the seating area into an outdoor living room. This way, your yard will not only be more private, but it will also adopt the appearance of an exclusive private space with a tinge of luxury. It can be a truly amazing investment you’ll hardly regret.

The outdoors are truly the extension of your home, especially if you live in parts of the world where the climate tends to be particularly hot during most of the year’s seasons (and in the 21st century, the number of such places is exponentially increasing). Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to feel absolutely comfortable in your own outdoor space, and these tips on how to make your yard more private will definitely help you achieve the coveted result.

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