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Top 3 Android Video Apps for Android and iOS Devices

Top 3 Android Video Apps for Android and iOS Devices

Though there are many video apps that are available for Android and iOS devices, we have come out with the top 3 to save you the hassle of a long search.

Popcorn Time APK

The Popcorn Time APK continues to gain wide popularity due to its outstanding features. It is a TV app that also doubles as movie streaming app. Though it started off as a Windows app, it is now available for Android devices. It is being in use to stream latest releases on phones and tablets by millions of user. It is only available for download online; it is not yet on the Play Store.

How safe is it to use Popcorn Time app without a VPN?

This app hides your IP address while also encrypting your data. This grants you enough security and hides your identity whenever the app is in use. However, if you don’t want to get bumped into authorities while streaming your favorite movies, you may use a VPN.

Bobby Movie APK

This app, now known as Cotomovies, is also a popular streaming app on Android and iOS devices. You have the opportunity to see latest movies and favorite TV shows from various global servers in full HD quality.

Is the app safe to download and install?

This depends on your country and the content being watched. This app only provides you access to stream TV shows and movies from Torrents, and some other sources which may be unacceptable to studios. Nevertheless, it will be illegal to stream or download contents that have been copyrighted, without seeking due permission or making due payment for it.

What if the app stops working?

First, download any VPN and wipe off cache and data. Then, update the app. To eliminate issues of compatibility, reset App preference or, rather, use an older version of the App.


Tubemate app allows you to download your favorite YouTube videos directly to your device and watch them whenever you desire.

How safe is the app?

It is common knowledge that apps that are not downloaded from or available on Google Play may make our mobile devices vulnerable to certain risk. This app is not available on Google Play as the function of the app violates their terms and conditions of downloading YouTube videos. However, when you download the app downloader from their official website or a trusted website, your device is safe.

Is the app supported by PC?

The downloader of the app is available both on Android and also Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 PC. However, the app is currently available for Android mobile devices. You can’t download and install an Android-based TubeMate app on PC.

To download the app, visit here.