Top 5 Family Vacation Destinations for Christmas Season

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It’s never too early to plan your family vacation for the next Christmas season. After all, this magical time only comes once a year and you want to experience and celebrate it with your loved ones to the fullest. So, do you want to organize something special for your family? If you’re not interested in spending this jolly holiday at home, the following destinations may be the perfect choice for your family’s dream vacation.

1. The glorious New York City

Definitely the most traditional yet still very exciting choice for the Christmas holiday is the beautiful New York City. After all, thanks to many Christmas movies taking place in NYC, it’s no wonder that this unique place is possibly the first that comes to mind when thinking of the perfect Christmas vacation destination. But it’s not just the movies though. The whole atmosphere of this city transforms into the magical vibe that comes with this holiday. The street décor and lights are incredible – a true feast for the eyes. The candy shops and restaurants have so many tasty delights to offer, and if you’re lucky to have a snowy Christmas in New York, you’ll get to enjoy a true postcard-like jolly season.

2. The magnificent Prague

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There are plenty of dreamy holiday destinations in Europe. However, when it comes to Christmas, one of the most popular cities to be in during this time of the year is none other than Prague in the Czech Republic. The city of Prague already looks magical and unreal thanks to its historical buildings and amazing, old-world architecture. You can just imagine what amazing sceneries it has to offer during the Christmas season. The wonderful décor and joy in the streets make for the perfect setting for enjoying Czech traditional food and drinks during this time of the year.

3. True winter wonderland at Banff Springs

In case you want to experience the true magic of Christmas with your family, and especially if you have little kids, Banff Springs in Canada is undoubtedly the magical place you’ve been dreaming of. Basically, you’ll be spending your jolly holiday in a castle, surrounded by picturesque sights of nature in winter. If you want to check out Santa’s workshop and spend some time with him, this is the place to go. There are also possibilities of writing your letter to Santa, playing with stocking décor, and even getting Santa to read you a story. Of course, the meals are Christmas-themed as well.

4. Family getaway to tropical Sydney

A beautiful view of Sydney Opera Bridge

Looking for something completely different? Not too keen on the snow and cold weather? Well, the answer is obvious, isn’t it? You can get everything you’ve hoped for and more by visiting Sydney, Australia for this jolly family vacation. The city of Sydney has many incredible activities, sights and entertainment opportunities to offer. However, nothing makes the whole experience more unique than spending your Christmas together with your loved ones at the beach, enjoying the summer in Australia. With some of the best options for family accommodation in Darling Harbour, you can enjoy the affordable, comfy and kid-friendly stay as you experience the Christmas magic at lovely 30°C (86°F).

5. Bath for literature lovers

If you and your family enjoy the magic of Christmas and the magic of written word equally, then your perfect destination for the Christmas holiday may be Bath in England. This is especially true this year since it will be the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death. With that in mind, you can go on a family holiday in Bath and enjoy the traditional English festivities for the Christmas celebration, but the writer’s legacy as well. Not to mention the lovely Georgian setting, thermal baths and the overall beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site city.


Have you already found the perfect magical vacation spot for you and your family this Christmas season? If you’re still searching for the best place, definitely consider the above-mentioned dreamy destinations. They won’t leave you disappointed.


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  1. NYC is my dream Christmas destination! We’ve always had family traditions of staying home around the holidays, but I’m going to try to make it to NYC this year or next, just before the holiday breaks begin (so it’s not as expensive!) Prague looks amazing, too!

  2. What a great list! I’ve always wanted to go to NYC for Christmas, but I love your other choices of Banff Springs and Bath too! Will have to see if we can visit one of these places for Christmas one year soon!

  3. Well, with Prague you should especially mention the beautiful Christmas market that sprouts up for Advent season. And the same all across Austria and Germany as well. Makes things super merry, especially with the hot mulled wine!

  4. I live in NYC and can certainly confirm that it’s a magical place around the holidays. There’s nothing quite like all the beautiful outdoor Christmas markets, Rockefeller Center and sipping on hot chocolate while you experience it all!

  5. Ah there is nothing like winter and snow and Christmas markets and…. well I live in the tropics with lots of sunshine for Christmas – it just isn’t the same and I can’t get used to it. If I could choose i’d take NYC or Prague! ah but husband is working as always for Christmas

  6. I would love to take my family to Prague in Czech Republic. I want to see the magical and unreal historical buildings and how amazing it is.

  7. New York sounds perfect! I love the holiday season just dont know if I can do the cold I am from Sunny South Africa! Thanks for the list hopefully one Xmas I will get to visit one of these places.


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