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Top 5 Ways in Which Going Green Can Save Your Company Money

Top 5 Ways in Which Going Green Can Save Your Company Money

In the world we live in it is more than clear that going green is the only way for the survival of both our species and our planet. Luckily, going green has a few other incentives too that don’t rest on altruism. Namely, going green usually means spending less energy, producing less waste and finding a way to repurpose items you would otherwise discard. In this manner, it is more than clear that the idea of going green is capable of saving your company money.

Switch your light bulbs

One of the reasons why incandescent light bulbs are seemingly so inefficient is due to the fact that their secondary objective is to produce heat. In other words, they are using much more power than they would if they were to produce only light. This is also why LED bulbs spend 4 times less power to produce light of the same intensity. For instance, in order to get the light of 600 lm, you need an approximately 40W strong incandescent bulb or a 10W LED one. It’s easy to see how replacing all the bulbs on your premises may significantly reduce your utility bill in the long-run.

Use less paper

According to a survey, an average office worker prints about 10,000 sheets of paper every year. Not only is this a huge hazard for the environment, but also quite expensive for your company. This especially goes in the era of emails and cloud, where you don’t have to print out every memo or have a physical copy of every single document. Apart from saving paper, going green this way also reduces the need for toner cartridges, which on their own pose a significant expense.

Zero-energy office

Finally, in order to make a real difference in both the world and your budget, you might want to try to make your headquarters into a zero-energy office. First of all, you will need proper insulation in order to reduce the amount of heat leaving the building. This will allow you to both cool down and heat up the place with only a fraction of what you would otherwise need. Next, you might want to consider investing in a 5kW Solar System in order to start producing your own power. Apart from saving money, this will also make your company more self-reliant.

The best thing about saving money through going green is that you get to enjoy materialistic privileges by doing something altruistic at the same time. This is one of those rare cases where something that is generally good also benefits you personally. Some would even go as far as to call this the perfect example of instant karma.

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