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Top Niches that will Earn you more Money as a Blogger

Top Niches that will Earn you more Money as a Blogger

When starting as a new blogger, the decision to pick a profitable niche is always a hard and painstaking one. Many of us have had to take weeks and months of research to choose a particular niche.

Today, I’m going to make the work of new bloggers easier; by sharing with them five of the best niches that will make them earn more as a blogger.

Although blogging is all about passion, but trust me, nothing makes a man happy and fulfilled than making money from what he loves doing. Through blogging, you work at your own time and pace, while earning along the way.

The field of blogging is a massive one. However, you can be successful in a short time when you venture into popular niches and money making ones. So, below are some of the best and profitable niches on the internet today:

Health and Fitness Niche

Most of you readers are not surprised by this choice; Are you? Health is Wealth, so they say. Little wonder this is one of the popular niches to start with as a blogger. While the Health and Fitness niche is a big one, there are various sub-niches you can select from to start your blogging career.

Some of these sub-niches are weight loss, supplements, fitness, yoga, diets, etc. They are all very lucrative with a high number of audience. This is the part where I have to revisit my passion talk, again. Out of the sub-niches, which of them are you most comfortable doing or are an expert in? Answer this question sincerely before you dive into the world of blogging.

For some, it is working out, while for others, it is all about the healthy diets and weight loss routines. Pick the ones you are most passionate about and start blogging your way to money.

Ways to make money with your health blog

It is normal if you don’t have a clue yet on how to monetize your blog. As a blogger, your priority is to add values to your readers, and nothing else matters. From there, you build your audience and can go ahead to monetize.

Some of the ways to make money from your blog are through affiliate marketing, list building, and Google AdSense. The creation of contents such as reviews or recommendations of any affiliate can earn you money as a blogger.

 Also, build your email list by offering your audience freebies in exchange for the emails and promote related offers to them later. Another way is to create a digital product. This will require your readers trusting your expert opinion on the niche.

Personal Finance

The economy is hard. Therefore, we all want to make more money while spending so little out of what we have. This is what makes the niche one of the most popular niches around because everyone wants to either earn more or save. Personal finance encompasses savings, investments, spending, etc.

As a blogger, you have a ready and broad audience to catch if you can show yourself as a savings or investment expert. Apart from creating tips on how to save and invest, you can also include coaching services as part of your portfolio to build your audience. Sell to this audience your eBooks once in a while.

How do I make money from my Personal Finance Blog?

Most blogs out there don’t offer value to their followers; the reason why they are not making money. If you can solve the problem of creating contents that your audience like, earning money from your blog is an easy task.

Like health and fitness niche, you can make money by promoting affiliate offers on your finance blog. Other profitable ways are credit card recommendation, loans, offering financial services, promotion of brand or products, creating your products, do product reviews, display ads, and sponsored posts.

Fashion and Beauty

Everyone wants to look good. Either you are a lady that can’t go out without makeup, or a gentleman that is crazy about the coming of the next MJ sneakers- you are a beautician or fashionista. Find your passion from these two popular niches and write about it. With the rise of online shopping, promotion of fashion and beauty, affiliate offers is a big deal.

Some of the things you can blog about are skin care routines, makeup tutorials, beauty tips, men and women fashion blog, beauty recipes, etc. The potential for any of these sub-niches is vast. Just sit down, think of what you can write about on any of them and take your cut of the ready audiences.

Ways to make money with a fashion and beauty blog

Most online shoppers read reviews on a particular product before making their decision. What better way to make money than writing reviews or recommendations for the products of some of these brands? Product description, reviews, and recommendations are some of the highest paying niches in blogging.

Other profitable means of earning are affiliate marketing, selling eBooks, sponsored posts, videos, social media campaigns, and promotion, etc.

Tech and Gaming

It longer just a game, as this niche is one of the niches that pay very well. The further combination of gaming with tech will give your blog more audience. Most of the people that are into gaming, the core enthusiast can spend their last dollar; as long as they are getting the value for their money. Are you passionate about games and technology? Then you should write about it.

When people read your content, they must feel your knowledge of the field. This is what helps build credibility.

Some of the ways to earn through gaming and tech niche

One way to earn is to promote your affiliate offers by writing about the latest apps and gadgets. Other notable ways you can make money are: review of video games, sell courses, make video playing a particular game and promoting an offer, etc.


Being a parent is one of the most challenging tasks ever. It is no surprise that would-be parents and new parents are always on the lookout for those that have experienced parenthood and trying to learn from them. While the niche is a lucrative one, you must be a parent before you can have a parenting blog.

One thing I observed in this niche is that parents find comfort amid others. They can relate to what they are going through and also advice one another. The possibilities here are endless, as there are profitable sub-niches you can blog about. Some of these are single-parent blog, mom blog, teenage parenting, etc.

Ways of making money from Parenting Niche

Affiliate marketing is still one of the best ways one can make money through blogging. At the end of every of your content, you can put your link offer for a related affiliate program. Other ways to make money are through sponsored post, writing parenting eBooks, display ads, etc.

Making money through blogging becomes more comfortable when you know the right way. Which of the niches are you passionate about? Let me know in the comment section.

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