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Top Styling Tips for Businessmen

Top Styling Tips for Businessmen

Are you just entering the world of entrepreneurship, or have you been there for quite a while? Regardless of the answer, you’ll want to look as if you truly belong in the business world. One way to do it is to choose the appropriate wardrobe and build your personal style. No idea where to start? Fortunately, we’re here to guide you and gladly offer a few pointers that will lead you straight to the top.

Dress the part

Looking sharp should always be the number one priority when picking out your business style. If you think that means wearing suits all the time, think again. One can look professional and in charge without having to put themselves through the uncomfortableness of a full three-piece suit. A perfectly tailored tucked in shirt, with a pair of comfortable dress trousers alongside a pair of Oxford shoes is all you need to look sharp. Feel free to add suspenders, a tie, or any other piece of clothes that you may feel will make you look more professional. Twill trousers, a cotton Oxford shirt layered underneath a cashmere sweater also says a businessman is here. A chambray shirt and chinos can be a perfect combo too.

Always accessorize

A stylish pair of accessories will add that needed flare to your look. That’s why you should always plan for dressing up in an office outfit with a watch. A stylish timepiece will compliment your ensemble while making you look like other successful businessmen. Leather straps, full-on silver or gold are just some of the options that will make your watch appear expensive and add style to your look. No serious businessman can allow himself to keep his money and cards in his pockets, so browse through a variety of modern money clips for men and add one to your collection. Belts are also a must, alongside ties and suspenders.

Put on some new shoes

Wearing the right shoes goes a long way. The choice of footwear can make your entire outfit look significantly dressed up if you make the right choice. On the flip side, if you go the wrong way with your shoe pick, you can look too dressed down and appear as if you don’t care about the way you look. Therefore, we suggest you stick to the safest choices, such as Oxfords, blucher, wingtips, and men’s casual boots. Regardless of the choice you make, you’ll look serious, professional, and stylish. The last thing you need is people thinking you’re of a lower social status and disregarding your ideas simply because you chose to wear the wrong pair of shoes. Another important note to self ‒ always keep those shoes shiny and clean.

Stick to classic colours (most of the time)

When it comes to the business world, wearing classic hues such as black, brown, and grey is always the best. Feel free to add a bit of white and navy blue to the mix too. If you decide to wear a full-on suit, add a pop of colour with mustard yellow, lilac, and even red with ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks. Beige is also allowed if you decide to wear a wool winter coat that you’ll layer with a darker colour palette underneath. 

Dressing up for the part of a successful businessman isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Basically, it all comes down to a few simple rules. Dress smart and never too casual, pick out appropriate shoes that you’ll keep clean, wear neutral, pro-looking colours, and always accessorize with watches, ties, and other stylish pieces. Once you’ve mastered all of it, you’ll be ready to become the new fashion icon whose style everybody will copy.

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