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So You Want To Become A Freelancer?

So You Want To Become A Freelancer?

Working in the freelance field is becoming more and more possible and popular nowadays. People have a lot of skills and talents to go around, and when you can’t fit into traditional job roles no matter how much you try, the ability to become self employed and build your own portfolio is always an option open to you.

No matter the kind of business you’re in, there’s quite a lot of admin you’re going to need to run, but when you’re on your own working through a variety of fields, there’s a lot to manage! If you’re struggling with the idea of having to do everything yourself, here’s handy guide to get you started. Try out a few of these tips if you’re stuck in your momentum, or if business is particularly slow.

Brush Up a Portfolio

This is how clients know you’re the one for them! A portfolio shows off everything you can do to someone who is looking to hire you, and when you have examples laid out in front of them, the answer of whether you’re right or not is practically solved! Of course freelancing is a very competitive field, but you’re still going to be considered when there’s a lot for someone to see.

A portfolio can very easily become its own website, and you can group everything someone would need to contact you with there as well. Of course not everyone is a webmaster, but there’s plenty of tools to help you along, and often for free! Chase up providers like Wix to get started on your freelance business; a website can make you seem a lot more legitimate in this field.

If you don’t have a portfolio, you’re going to struggle to get jobs. Of course, if you’re just starting off in the freelancing world, and you haven’t done any kind of work for it before, it can be quite hard, and you’re going to have to work a bit harder as a result!

Writing Your Own Contracts

As a freelancer, this is where you’re going to need to shine. If you can’t write a contract that you’re absolutely sure covers everything you and the client have to do for each other, which is a lot in this business, you’re not going to be confident in your business decisions. Part of being a freelancer is being able to critique and evaluate your own work, so don’t set yourself up for a fall immediately.

Know what should go in and out of a contract, and make sure you know where to spot the chaff among the wheat. Turn to something like Symfact Contract Management Software for templates and to better introduce a system where you can manage filing contracts in and out of the good and bad section of the cabinet. Long explanation short, if you don’t know what to outline when you’re agreeing to a job, and you’re not sure what a con looks like, this can help you.

Work as Much as You Can

Freelancing is a hard field to build a reputation in, and that means you’re going to need to accept a lot of commissions and chase as many clients as you can.

Make sure you’re also making good use of social media, as this is the place a lot of people will look to see if you’re the kind of person for them. Post regularly and keep your details in the description and you immediately become a lot more approachable to someone. Keeping people updating on what you’re doing, and what you’ve accomplished can lead to a lot of acclaim amongst the following you’ve managed to accumulate; you never know where the next commission could come from.

You don’t need to accept everything that comes across your path of course. Know your own limits, as you might not be able to manage everything a job description asks for and you always have the right to say no. And be sure to do so! You’re not going to want clients who are pushy and demanding on your doorstep, and it’s a lot easier to make a career go well when you know how to restrict these kind of offers.

Becoming a freelancer is never an easy thing to do, but it can be easily managed when you’re familiar with the ins and outs of the online world. Making your own money at your own rates means you determine everything, and that’s a lovely amount of control to have. Start freelancing today!

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