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Here goes my honest review and why I highly recommend the #1 Affiliate Program…

There have been numerous get rich quick internet scam in the past, and it is easy to get ticked off the wrong way when you hear of internet marketing programs. Wealthy Affiliate is one of those programs you need to find out all you can on before you get on the team.

This article is an in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate program, a tell-all on what you should know before you sign on.

Affiliate marketing is a passive source of income for marketers who sell products on their websites indirectly. With an affiliate link of a product embedded on the website, one can earn money if a visitor buys a product on the seller’s website through the link. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money without dealing with the intricacies of sales such as cold calling and telemarketing. With the right affiliate program, one could earn a sizeable income from home. This sound tempting already, but it comes with some work, and that is where Wealthy Affiliate program comes in.

Wealthy Affiliate program provides all the information on how to make a lot of money from affiliate marketing by working in the right direction. Simply put, Wealthy Affiliate program is a self-paced university on internet marketing.

What is The Wealthy Affiliate (WA)?

Wealthy Affiliate program is a training program that comes free or at a charge for affiliate marketers or would-be affiliate marketers. From what I have found out anyone could be an affiliate marketer with the information Kyle and Carson, the founders, put together in the program. The information is also very accessible. Wealthy Affiliate program covers everything from building your website to getting traffic and monetizing the website.

How much does it cost?

There is the free membership that does not require adding ones’ credit card details for registration so you are sure you are not going to be charged for anything except you upgrade. The premium membership comes at $49 a month or $359 a year and gives special privileges such as certified courses, over 3,000 materials and hosting services for 25 websites. As a free or Premium member, you can also earn from referral, although it is at a different rate for free and premium members. From Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program, free members can earn $4 on every referral and after that earn $11.25 every month if the referral stays on the program. Premium members earn $8 initially for referrals and afterwards $22.50 per month.

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What you might lose on the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Since there is the free membership option, I believe you have nothing to lose. You can decide to register for free, and that is a very easy process. There is also a strict “no promotion” rule on the forum so you wouldn’t have to deal with spammy messages. The premium option’s price tag is not so pricey considering that the program provides both mentorship and business services.

It’s not all good news though, on upgrading to the premium membership, you cannot downgrade. This is noteworthy because, on registration, you are given an offer of a premium membership at $19 a month for the first 7 days. So, you should look before you leap.

In all, Wealthy Affiliate does not promise you all the money in the world, so technically it is not a scam. The program only provides legitimate tools for earning better.


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