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Welcome To My Humble Abode, Now Let’s Get Down To Business

Welcome To My Humble Abode, Now Let’s Get Down To Business

One of the main benefits of working from home is that it saves on business space costs. Whether you’re freelance or starting a company, you’re sure to appreciate the lack of financial pressure. Often, cutting costs like this is the only way to get on your feet.

But, depending on your enterprise, you may need to meet clients face to face sometimes. They might want to meet you before sealing the deal, or ask you to pitch your product. Either way, consultations are often part and parcel of the business world. You could, of course, arrange such meetings in coffee shops. But, if they become a regular occurrence, it’d be much easier to set things up at home.

Bear in mind that, when operating in an official capacity, there are standards you’ll need to adhere to. Without these, you’ll struggle to seal deals, and may even find yourself in trouble. So, read on to find out what you need to do to prepare your home for business guests. 

Health and safety matters

The chances are that you’ve never considered health and safety. After all, it’s only been you and your house until now. But, when you invite clients into your space, you accept liability. Hence, if anything were to happened to them on your property, you’d face hefty fines. To ensure that doesn’t happen, get yourself a health and safety certificate. As you’re new to this, it might be best to employ health and safety services like those offered by Peninsula Group Limited. That way, professionals can assess your space for you. They can even provide software which can help you keep on top of the issue. 

Business won’t boom in your bedroom

It’s also crucial you set aside a professional area. You might work in your bedroom the majority of the time, but you can hardly ask clients to sit on your bed. Instead, clear out a room for meetings. Think about everything in this space, from chairs to decor. You need to send a professional message. Home or not, you can’t afford to keep things casual. It’s also worth including a kettle and such so that you don’t have to run to the kitchen all the time! 

Dress up for the day

Let’s be honest; we all love to work in our pajamas sometimes. It’s one of those guilty pleasure activities which all homeworkers partake in when we can. It should go without saying, though, that greeting a business associate in this getup is NOT the way forward.


That said, you might be out of practice with how to dress in a professional setting. Appraise your wardrobe, and pick out professionals outfits. What would you wear if you were going out for a meeting? The same rules apply to home business. Oh, and don’t forget to take off the slippers before you answer the door! Going barefoot would be a mistake, too. Instead, slip on the smartest pair of shoes you own and get ready to do business.

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