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What to Expect from a Breast Augmentation Consultation

What to Expect from a Breast Augmentation Consultation

Are you a female who wants to improve your breasts? Do you want to make them shapelier for your husband? Do you desire to make them more appealing to help enhance your career? Does having nice sized breasts make you personally happy? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are a candidate for breast augmentation surgery. If you are ready for breast enhancement surgery you will first have to get a consultation by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. They will inform you if you are a good candidate for this process after the consultation has been completed. However, there are some things that you should do to prepare yourself for breast enlargement consultation.

Learning about the Breast Surgery Process

Most women have a false belief that breast surgery is an easy process that they complete without any complications or problems. This is not the truth. Surgeons must take the time to inform a patient about the process of breast surgery and what they can realistically expect from this process. They will also evaluate a patient’s reasons for getting a breast enhancement procedure. Surgeons will also consult with patients to ensure that they know the financial costs associated with the procedure, how long it will last, potential side effects and possible negative issues that might result from this process.

Surgeons advise patients to have a strong support network in place before receiving this type of surgery. They also tell them to be in the best shape as possible and to maintain an optimal level of health for their life. A strong support system will help a patient to not feel bad about their decision or to second guess it. Patients should feel comfortable and relaxed about this procedure. Patients should maintain the best health possible to recover within a shorter amount of time and with less scarring.

What’s your reason(s) for getting a breast enhancement procedure?

Most surgeons who are ethical about their work will not give a woman a breast surgery just because she wants “to make her tits bigger”. That might seem a little harsh but it is the truth. A surgeon will evaluate a person’s motives and underlying reasons for going through this process. They’ll ask each potential breast surgery candidate certain questions about their health, their outlook on breast surgery and what she hopes to accomplish with a bigger set of breasts.

Breast surgeons also want patients to know that the procedure can be reversed but it would be at a great cost to their finances and their health. They also ask other questions as well. The reason why breast surgeons ask these questions is to ensure that patients have a thorough understanding of this process. They want to make sure that patients feel confident, comfortable and well informed before they get this procedure done on their body.

Getting Ready for Breast Surgery

Surgeons who perform augmentation procedures for a woman’s breasts, wants them to follow some important advice before they go through this process. First, they must be in good physical shape. This might seem like it doesn’t matter, but it does. If a person is overweight, underweight or not proportionally developed due to health reasons; a surgeon will have that patient to wait until they can improve their health. If this means losing or gaining weight then a surgeon will make this recommendation. They will also let a person know that if their body is not proportionally developed they might not end up with a good look after surgery.

For example, if a female has an extremely thin frame but wants big boobs, the boob job will probably make her rather deformed. A large set of breasts on a very thin woman might also cause her shoulder and back problems. In the long run, it can also cause unnecessary daily pain because their body is not used to carrying large sized breasts.

Ladies who like to smoke and/or drink must stop these habits between 2 – 4 weeks before surgery. Smoking and drinking just interfere with the body’s ability to heal and to adapt to the surgery. People on medications will have to stop taking them at least a week before this surgical procedure. Prescription drugs, blood thinners and even spices such as garlic must be avoided because these substances interfere with a person’s blood. They strongly recommend that patients stay away from sick individuals. A surgeon will go into great detail about the different things a patient must do to prepare themselves physically and health wise for breast enhancement.

Other Recommendations for Breast Enhancement Procedures

Breast surgery patients are also told not to do anything weeks after they receive a breast job. People will have to rest to allow their body to heal after surgery. They should take time off from work and have someone who can stay with them through the healing process. A person should not be doing housework or any other type of chores during their healing period. This could cause the augmentation procedure to become undone.

Getting a lot of sleep, eating healthy and closely watching their breasts as they heal are other recommendations as well. Consultation is extremely important for breast surgery patients. This evaluation and screening helps our breast augmentation patients to confidently complete this procedure by understanding what is at risk and what is involved.

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