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What’s Hidden from Plain Sight: 4 Reasons Why Your Kid May Be Having Learning Difficulties

What’s Hidden from Plain Sight: 4 Reasons Why Your Kid May Be Having Learning Difficulties

As a parent, you want to make sure your child has every opportunity in the world to be happy and successful. You want their life to be better and easier than you ever had it.

When you discover that your child has a learning disability, you want to do all you can to help him or her. You may start by looking for math tutors near me or taking them to different assessment programs for help.

Here are 4 reasons why your kid may be having learning difficulties.

  1. Issues at Birth

Sometimes, when a baby is born prematurely, has a low birth weight or has other issues at birth, they can suffer from brain damage. Not to the extent that they cannot function, but some learning abilities are hindered.

Doctors are not always aware of this type of disability when first examining a newborn. These are the types of issues that appear once a child begins to walk, learns to speak, and sometimes it isn’t until they are in a preschool setting that they are diagnosed.

If you think your child is behind in learning when they first begin to explore words and games, make an appointment with their paediatrician. Early diagnosis is critical to their overall health and well-being. 

  1. An Accident

Sometimes, a child will suffer an accident like a fall from a high place or a hard blow to the head. This could be the cause of a learning disability and go unidentified until years after the accident.

If a child has a fall or head injury, it is important to seek medical help immediately to rule out any physical injuries. However, there will be no sense in worrying about learning difficulty until there is solid evidence that something is wrong. This will come from teachers and your own observations and experiences.

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  1. Inherited

Learning disabilities are often hereditary. You or your spouse may not have been diagnosed with a learning difficulty, but you may think back to issue you may have with various aspects of your schooling. A mathematical learning disability is common, but often goes undiagnosed and brushed off as “not good at math”.

The inherited difficulty with learning could come from any number of relatives and is no one’s fault. The only thing you can do is get your child help so they can be more comfortable in school and successful at learning.

  1. A Childhood Illness

This is another one of these “waits and sees” types of illnesses. It would be hard to tell if something like meningitis or another virus-related disease had a lasting effect on a child’s ability to learn.

It is important to keep up with vaccinations and learning milestones as your child grows. If there is any sign that they are struggling while learning, there is help available through the public school system as well as private tutors.

Children with learning disabilities also need lots of love and support from parents and teachers. Working with your child’s teachers is important for their success and comfort as they navigate through life.


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