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Where would the Jobs be this 2018

Where would the Jobs be this 2018

It is not a surprise to see employers in industries try to add more jobs at the beginning of every year. However, it is expected that certain sectors will hire more than the others. We take a lot on the likely trends of jobs and help you answer the question “where the jobs will be this year.”

Based on a recent study by a multinational staffing firm, Manpower Group, employers of labor in leisure and hospitality as well as transport and utility industries all agreed that they are going to add more workers to their workforce. When probed further, they said the percentage on increment would be 28% and 26% respectively for the two industries. This figure exceeds all other sectors under study.

What method did Manpower Group employ in carrying out their study? The research group based out of Wisconsin surveyed 11,500 public and private employers across America. This is in a bid to figure out what sectors and where jobs will be added in the coming year. They took the percentage of employers that are interested in increasing their workforce and subtracted it from those wants to decrease their workforce.

Note that this calculation was done based on the next quarter- while those employers that are not interested in making changes or adjustments were all noted. The result at the end of this study is known as “net employment outlook.”

While leisure and transportation industries have the highest number of favorable employer outlook forecast, there are also 13 other industries tracked by the Manpower Group with an expected double-digit net employment outlook in the coming year. Throughout fourteen consecutive quarters, all of them averaged +15% employment outlooks. So this year won’t be different.

Some of the best results from these other 13 industries show that; employers in the wholesale and retail space, as well as, professional and business service industry are looking to hire up to 23% of workers in Q1. The construction industry, on the other hand, is not doing bad with a more than 18% employment outlook.

“We see a renaissance in industries like construction and manufacturing in the U.S.,” said Becky Frankiewicz, president of Manpower Group North America, as part of the release of the data. “These are not the jobs of the past; many are highly skilled roles that will build America’s future. A strong hiring intention tells us employers have positions to fill, yet we know they’re struggling to find people with the right skills to fill them. Expect technological disruption to touch all industries sooner or later.”

By Regions: Where will the jobs be this year?


As expected, the leisure and hospitality sector is showing the highest positive outlook. A high number of 31% of employers are likely to add jobs. Followed closely is the wholesale and retail industry with 26%, transportation, and utilities with 25%, and the professional and business services taking a reasonable figure of 23%.


The employment outlook is similar to the Midwest, with perhaps a little difference. The leisure and hospitality employers intend to add 30% of jobs, transportation and utilities with 24% job addition and professional and business services with 21% expected job creation.


Leisure and hospitality take the top spot here too, with expected employment addition of 26%, wholesale and retail trade with 23% and professional and business services likely to add 21% of jobs.


Transportation and utility show the highest activity in the Western region with 40% of the employers saying they are likely to hire in the first quarter.

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