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Win The Crypto Game: Start Your Own Trading Platform

Win The Crypto Game: Start Your Own Trading Platform

Everyone is talking about crypto right now, and for a very good reason. It is, after all, a lucrative and increasingly potent currency option, and approached in the right way it can lead to real-world riches without much effort. But most of the prevailing advice on cryptocurrencies centres around how to buy them, how to trade in them, and how to sell them on again. However, there is even more money to be made from providing the platforms on which others can trade their cryptos, and this is a niche which is extremely profitable if well managed. If you’re thinking about setting up a cryptocurrency trading platform, consider the following essential points.


It’s no use diving in the deep end here. If you want to have success running a trading platform website, you’ll need to work from the ground up – and one of the absolute basics is security. Your customers and clients will be making real financial decisions which will affect their actual lives, and you need to remember that. But you also need to consider your own safety, both for the sake of your own reputation and your liability. The crypto market is open to abuse, so it is wise to use real world identity verification to ensure that your users are legitimate, and to keep your platform trustworthy. Add to that the importance of securing and encrypting all transactions, and you can begin to appreciate just how important security is for your platform.


Clearly, you are not going to bother with all this if you are not going to earn from it, so you want to make sure that you have a good business plan in place. The main way in which you will earn from the venture is by charging a fee for each transaction. This is standard, and it’s wise to keep somewhat in line with industry standards. However, you can expect to raise fees is you provide a service which is more streamlined and smooth, and less cluttered, than others. It’s a game of balance, and it can take time to find that balance. But when you do, you can hopefully start to earn big – especially if you gain a significant following. Try to find something that other platforms are lacking and provide it. This will give you an advantage.

Level Of Focus

You will need to decide early on what kind of a focus you are going to have for your website. Will you primarily offer bitcoin to ethereum, or will you widen out to include all other cryptos on the market as well? Currently, there is no such thing as a trading platform which offers every single crypto, in part because new ones are being created every day. But offering as many as possible is likely to secure your position in the industry much more efficiently, and might in time help you to become one of the bigger players. Get your level of focus right above all, and the rest should follow.

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