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Would You Build Your Own Home?

Would You Build Your Own Home?

House shopping is always fun to do when you don’t have to move! You can check out interiors, and compare the footprint of different homes. So why is it so hard to find that perfect property when you do need to move to a new place? Perhaps we’ve set our sights too high with all the window shopping? Of course, all of the properties we’ve viewed over the years have helped us develop our dream idea of a home. But would you be prepared to build it to make your dreams come true?


Start with a good plot of land. In some places, land is available for self-builds. In others, you might need to pick a rural area to have the permission you need to build what you want. Land costs a lot of money up front, so make sure you have that factored into your overall budget. Generally speaking, your property should be worth more when it is finished than you have spent buying the land and building it. That’s what might make this quite the investment for you and your family. Of course, if this is your dream home, you might never want to leave!

Building Structure

Some people build big properties with budget materials. Others choose experimental building techniques in the hope of gaining a grant or support for their project. It’s best to pick a quality material that meets the requirements of your insurer. This usually means choosing between timber or steel frame. The steel frame homes pros and cons can be compared with timber. From there, you can make your final decision. You might choose steel for speed and durability, or you might prefer the look of timber.


When you’re designing the layout of your home, do consider how you will use each room. It’s one thing to fit the living room at the end of the house so you can get the kitchen up to size. But if you don’t have that awe-inspiring view from there, then what was the point of buying that plot? The different quality of light from the north side to the south side might also affect your layout decision. If you have lots of windows, you can’t put furniture up against them!


A second storey might only cost half again, but do you really want stairs? If this is to become your forever home, you also need to consider your physical and lifestyle needs in your later years. If you have extra stairs to climb, then this might not be so practical anymore. And if the drive to the store is too treacherous in winter,  you might want to reconsider the plot of land you buy in the first place.

Building works can take months or even years. Will the wait be worth it? In that time you need to make payments for the progress. You will also still have your old accommodation costs to consider. Of course, on moving day, it will all have been worth it! Would you build your own home?

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