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Your Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Your Basic Car Maintenance Tips

You are aware that your car needs to be in perfect condition if you want to get from point A to point B. You may be intimidated by the complexity of the whole system and you probably don’t understand how every single thing under the hood works, but that’s still not the reason why should shouldn’t take interest in basic maintenance. Namely, by performing some very simple tasks, which don’t require any special skills or knowledge, you’ll help your car stay safe and reliable for much longer. So, let’s take a look at some things everyone can do when it comes to car maintenance.


Many parts of your car require oil in order to run smoothly. That’s why car manufacturers insist on regular oil changes and they are very strict about the type of oil that can be used in the car. If you notice or get a message that your oil level is low, you need to take the car to your mechanic as soon as possible. You might want to check the level yourself by pulling out the dipstick and seeing where the oil level is, but make sure you do it when the engine is cold. So, never miss the recommended interval for oil change if you want your car to be in good condition.

Tire pressure

Probably the easiest thing you can to related to car maintenance is to check the pressure in your tires. Even if you don’t have a tire pressure gauge, you can stop at any petrol station and do it. Just make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the pressure. Improperly inflated tires do not only increase fuel consumption, but they can lead to blowouts, which might lead to accidents. Tire manufacturers usually recommend different pressure depending on how heavily loaded the car is. Stick to their recommendations and inspect the tire pressure at least once a month. If you notice your tires need to be inflated frequently, you need to take the car to the nearest garage, where a mechanic or tire expert can inspect the problem.


Needless to say, the brakes are vital when it comes to safety. Their condition might even be the difference between staying alive and dying in an accident, that’s how important they are. Again, the secret is in regular inspection and replacement of parts if your mechanic suggests it. Make sure you always buy the best possible parts to stay safe on the road. Australian drivers, for example, find it convenient to shop online for spare parts and turn to companies such as Carparts2u in search of affordable, but top-quality new parts.


If you notice that there is something wrong with your alignment, make sure you take your car to your mechanic. This problem doesn’t only affect the way you drive, but it is also potentially dangerous. Your alignment needs to be adjusted properly so that your car can steer and react the way you want it to when you need to swerve or make some other sudden move.


Cars are designed to be driven in various weather conditions, but some harsh climates make it much more difficult for every car to function perfectly. If you’re living in a part of the world that has cold winters and low temperatures, you want to have enough antifreeze in your car at all times. Similarly, coolant is vital and you should regularly inspect the level of all those fluids in your car. You can find more information about how to do it in the owner’s manual.

If you want to be safe on the road, your car needs to be in good running condition. While you may not be able to take care of every single thing related to car maintenance, there are some things you should do yourself that don’t require any particular set of skills. Also, it’s important you recognise that there is a problem, so that take your car to the garage as soon as possible. Needless to say, this list doesn’t cover all the necessary things related to car maintenance, but if you follow these tips, you’ll gain more confidence in your skills and feel less intimidated about looking after your car.

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