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Your Creativity Is At Risk Online!

Your Creativity Is At Risk Online!

The digital world has opened a variety of new possibilities for artists and creative professionals. It only takes a few clicks to share your ideas online, grab some feedback or even engage in a constructive conversation about the latest trends. For creative personalities who can be isolated as a result of their activities, the Internet came as a positive and friendly universe where they can interact and connect with others. 

However, as creative blogs and forums are growing online, the risks that can tarnish your creations are increasing exponentially too. Indeed, the online sphere doesn’t only provide a platform for research, network, and publication. It puts your creations and your creativity right at the center of other users’ interactions. In the process, as you become part of the online content, you can begin to notice how the situation affects who you are and what you do as an artist.

You’re more visible but also more vulnerable to attacks

Nowadays, it is impossible to consider creating if you can’t share your work with others. When exhibitions, concerts, and other public displays were the only way to perform in front of an audience in the old days, a social media platform lets you present the fruit of your imagination. Consequently, social media platforms such as Instagram are becoming hugely popular for creatives. Getting noticed by your audience is a matter of building up momentum, not only effectively but also durably. Getting followers online lets you reach out to a broad audience as an artist. But how do you stand out in a crowded and busy platform? Using insight data, you can gain a better understanding of your audience, which can help you to curate the content they want to see. However, creating cohesion and engaging captions for your images make you more vulnerable to online trolling too. As you boost your visibility, you become an easy target for harmful comments and behaviors. Social media platforms, unfortunately, promote interactions, which can encourage personal attacks against your content.

You can share your creations online… but that can be used against you

What’s the point of creating if you can’t share your work with your audience? While many artists love to showcase their creations, it’s important to understand that some users could be tempted to steal your work for their own benefits. When your creativity is your earning, you need to know how to protect your originals. Copyrighting your creations needs to be your first line of action. However, you need a specialist who understands the subtlety of artistic work – this music lawyer profile is the perfect example of someone who gets both creators and legislators. Indeed, protecting your works without damaging your reputation requires a balanced strategy.

When everyone has ideas, how do you know if yours are good?

Last, but not least, when everyone shares everything online, it can be tricky to keep a clear mind. Was it your idea or did you accidentally snap it from someone else? Additionally, it can be tempting to compare yourself against other artists, which can affect your self-confidence, your performance, and your overall attitude online.

Modern artists have to develop an online presence to exist. However, as they do, they can attract new threats against their creativity and creations. From social media attacks to plagiarism, you need to be prepared to tackle the challenges that come with your digital presence.   

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