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Joyful Source accepts guest post on topics about family and pets, life hacks and tips, daily living inspiration, lifestyle adventures, fitness and health, how-to-do things, beauty and fashion, money-making crafts, product reviews and any educational posts.

We do not offer monetary compensation for guest posting. If you are interested in guest posting or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.


  1. Email your images and original writing using a word document. Attach your images or photos inside your document as well in the order you want your images to appear. Please use your own graphics or one that is legal to use. Include all your affiliate links within the post and I will make sure they are well linked in.
  2. Your blog post will be published either on the same day you sent it or the next day, and will be advertised all over social media for about 7 days. I suggest that you also do the same and promote it on your part.
  3. Do not forget to submit your author bio, your social media links and/or blog/website link.
  4. Finally, please do know that I will only publish your content if it hasn’t been published yet on your site or any other site yet. You may insert links to your old post to get more traffic and in case you need to update something or add related links, just do let me know.

**Remember that I reserve the right to edit each post if necessary. It is at my discretion to publish or not publish your post if it doesn’t adhere to the stated guidelines.