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8 Powerful Ways to Market Your Company

8 Powerful Ways to Market Your Company

Of all the things you do for your company, making sure that your marketing campaign is watertight might be the most important. After all, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is; if no-one knows that you’re there, then you’re going to struggle to make your business a success. So how do you go about this? We take a look at nine effective marketing techniques below which will ensure the word can get out about your company!

Use Social Media Well

Every company knows that they need to be using social media sites to market their business. But alas, some businesses miss out a crucial detail, which is that they shouldn’t just be on these sites, but that they should be using them well! Having a Facebook page for your business is not enough; it’s how you use the page that matters. As a general rule, you should make your content a mixture of what’s useful for your business and what’s useful for your companies. You’re unlikely to get too many followers if you’re only posting updates about your brand, but will if you’re also sharing content that the people in your target demographic like to see. Another way to spread the word about your company on social media is to host competitions where your followers are required to tag a friend if they’re to enter. The prize could be worth $10, yet you could receive hundreds of new followers.

Take To the Streets

Whether you’re an online or “real life” business, you should, from time to time, maintain a presence on the streets. This is an effective way to get the word out to people who may otherwise have never heard about your company. The premise is simple. You find a downtown area that is generally frequented by people in your demographic age, set up a stand, and give out information about your company. You’ll want to create an incentive for people to stop and talk with you; a good way to do this is to hand out freebies. What exactly you hand out will depend on the type of business you have. If you make food products, then free samples would be appropriate. If you provide a service, then give out something that everyone would find useful. Get some custom USB ideas, hand them out, and people will always have a reminder of your company close to them. People always love freebies!  

Host an Event

Your marketing strategy should be fun, and it doesn’t get much more fun than hosting an event! Sure, it can hard work, but it’s likely that you’ll enjoy the process. In any case, you’ll enjoy the outcome. You’ll be able to reach hundreds of potential customers, who will then have a favorable view of your business. But what type of event is right for you? It depends on your type of business. A classy fundraiser would be appropriate for a sophisticated, serious business. A family BBQ style event would be suitable for a company that targets families. And you can generally never go wrong by putting on a live band and serving some craft beer when the sun is shining!

Get Creative

The problem that some companies have is that they play it too safe. They draw within the lines, when really, potential customers are looking on the outside of the lines. As such, it’s important that you get creative and take chances with your marketing. If it’s following the traditional lines, then people are liable to walk right past without looking up or clicking. Get their attention! It’s worthwhile paying a professional to create your ads, as they’ll have the best use of color and space. Whatever you end up using, make sure it’s eye-catching!

Position Yourself As An Authority

If you want people to believe that they’re dealing with the best when they choose your company, then you need to position yourself as the best! An effective way to do this is to write engaging blogs on the topics surrounded your company, comment on Twitter (as CEO of the business) on industry related matters, and so on. If people trust that your the best company that offers your products and services, then they’ll be more likely to give you business. It’s as simple as that!

Make Yourself Memorable

Have you seen how many adverts the average person sees each day? People are overloaded with companies pushing their goods. So of those advertisements, how many do you think people actually remember? It’s going to be a small percentage. As such, when it comes to your adverts, you’ll be well-served by making them memorable in some way. This is where it pays to work with a professional, high-standard advertising company, as they’ll know the hints and tricks of making sure that people don’t just see your advertisements, but remember them.

Provide a Secondary Service

Your core service will be providing whatever products or service your company deals in. But you’ll also want to offer a secondary service, one that will double up as an effective marketing tool. It’s all about useful information. If you offer blog posts titled “the best way to select an [item],” then your customers won’t just turn to your company when they’re ready to buy; they’ll turn to your company when they’re in the decision making process.

Solid Branding

Finally, don’t forget your branding! This is the visual key to getting your customers on the hook. It’ll instantly give potential customers an idea of what your company is all about. Though remember that once your branding has been established, you need to be consistent with it throughout your business.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to get ahead in this ever-crowded market. To get the attention of the people, you need to have a solid and diverse approach to your marketing. Don’t just keep up with what other companies are doing; be bold, do your own thing, and stand out. Your aim to raise the bar when it comes to marketing, not just reach the existing bar.

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