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5 Perfect Reasons to Switch to Solar in SC

5 Perfect Reasons to Switch to Solar in SC

Did you know that South Carolina experiences around 209 sunny days every year? That’s a whole lot of energy just waiting to be harnessed. This is why 130,000 households and counting have gone solar in the Palmetto State.  

Will your household be next? 

As a homeowner, you stand to benefit massively by going solar in SC. Check out these top five reasons that you should make the switch today. 

  1. It’s Affordable 

Solar prices have been steadily dropping in South Carolina. In fact, the price has cut almost in half (reduced by 45%) in the last five years. So, the initial investment to install solar panels may have been intimidating in the past, but it’s completely accessible now for all homeowners in SC. 

Companies such as Blue Raven Solar are making it even easier and more affordable, with no initial installation costs and 18 months of free solar. 

  1. The Best Solar Tax Incentives and Rebates in the Country 

The almost perpetual sunshine in South Carolina makes it the perfect place for solar energy. You can save thousands of dollars on a rooftop installation of solar panels with state and local incentives. 

The SC solar energy tax credit cuts the cost of installation by a quarter when you claim 25% of the costs back as a tax credit. There is also utility solar power incentives which means you might be eligible to get additional rebates or ear payments for every kilowatt-hour of energy that your solar system generates

  1. New Laws that Protect Net Energy Metering (NEM)

Net energy metering is when utilities credit you for any excess electricity that your solar system generates. When your panels cannot produce the energy that you require, such as in the night, you can then draw on this cumulative credit. 

This means that energy is never being wasted, and allows for maximum efficiency of your solar panel system. Net energy metering is not available in all states, but it is in South Carolina — just another great reason to go solar. 

  1. Cut Down Your Energy Bills

Did you know that residents of South Carolina are the third biggest spenders on energy bills in the U.S? Chances are if you’re living in SC, you’re shelling out a hefty chunk of change each month. 

When you go solar in a place where you have access to abundant sunshine, you’ll have the opportunity to drastically reduce your energy bills. Depending on how many solar panels you have, combined with NEM, you may not even pay for electricity at all! 

  1. You’ll be Contributing to a Greener State

Solar energy is renewable, environmentally-friendly and the greenest alternative energy source that there is.

When you choose to go solar, you’re contributing to a more environmentally friendly state and reducing your own carbon footprint. 

Are You Ready to Go Solar in SC?

When you weigh up these awesome benefits, who wouldn’t want to go solar in SC? You’ll save tons of money, benefit from incentives and NEM laws and contribute to your home state being greener and more eco-friendly. 

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