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3 Top Wedding Anniversary Ideas

3 Top Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Are you heading towards a big wedding anniversary? If so you may be struggling to find ways to celebrate it and ways to make sure that your partner feels extra loved on your special day. It can be tough to keep topping and improving on great anniversary ideas year after year, so if you are looking for a little inspiration then read on for our top tips on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary in style and make sure that it is an occasion you will never forget.

Why Not Renew Your Wedding Vows?

If your anniversary is a really big one then why not think about celebrating it by renewing your wedding vows? Getting all your friends and family together to celebrate your relationship is one of the most romantic ways that you can show your partner how much you love them. Reaffirming your vows can really be one of the most beautiful and meaningful ways to celebrate all those years, shared together and to celebrate the years ahead that you have to look forward to in front of all your nearest and dearest.

Bucket List Celebration

What better way to celebrate your big anniversary than by ticking off a few bucket list entries. Planning something completely unique and different, to what you would usually do, could be the perfect way to celebrate this big milestone in your lives. So, get your thinking cap on about the types of things that you and your partner have always wanted to try and then put some research into how you can make it happen.

Perhaps that could be bungee jumping off a canyon with a bottle of champagne and a piece of Roma designer jewelry waiting for your partner once they are back on solid ground again. Maybe that is going on a hot air balloon ride and filling a picnic hamper full of your partners favourite things. Maybe it is an afternoon racing around a race track in a sports car followed by a surprise slap up dinner in a nice restaraunt. Mixing bucket list entries up with a couple of personal touches will let your partner know that you have put a lot of thought into arranging a wonderful anniversary.

Go Away Somewhere Special

Is there somewhere that you and your partner have always wanted to go, but have never quite managed to get round to visiting? Then perhaps this is the perfect time to whisk your other half away on the trip of a lifetime. Think of it as a second honeymoon and an opportunity to completely spoil your other half, and of course yourself too and spend some quality time together.

Dream trips come in all shapes and sizes, from ski trips to luxury cruises, from scuba diving to trekking in the mountains. So again, think about the types of places you would both love to visit and explore, what you would like to do when you get there and getting booking the holiday of a lifetime.

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