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Surprisingly Flexible Career Choices That You May Not Have Considered

Surprisingly Flexible Career Choices That You May Not Have Considered

When it comes to flexible careers, few people question the freedom you get from freelancing. You set your own hours, choose who you work with and do whatever you want in order to get paid. However, you might find that freelancing is troublesome because you’re essentially working for yourself. This means that you have more responsibilities than you may have first expected, and handling things like your finances and finding clients can be trickier than you may have first imagined.

In fact, some people might find that freelancing isn’t as flexible as they first assumed. You don’t really have much choice in the clients you pick to work with and there’s not as much financial freedom as you would expect. In addition, you’ll still be forced to work the same hours and you will still need to stick to a schedule if you want to actually be productive and efficient as a freelancer. Thanks to all of these extra considerations, freelancing could seem like a career choice that is nowhere near as flexible as you would’ve first assumed.

So what other options are there? If you find that freelancing isn’t the right career choice for you, then here are a couple of other flexible career choices that you might find more suitable.


People have this idea that nurses have to work strange hours and be on call all the time. However, that’s far from the truth. Thanks to services like 360 HealthCare Staffing, it’s possible to find flexible nursing employment. No matter where you live or what level of nursing care you can offer, it’s a fantastic career choice that few people consider to be flexible. There are nursing opportunities available all over the world and the hours you pick are flexible enough that you can control how much you work.

Office Managers

An office manager has the ability to work in virtually any industry. They have plenty of responsibilities that can range from managing support staff to helping with accommodation and travel arrangements. Office managers are needed to fill a variety of different roles, so it helps if you have experience in a variety of different fields. Because of the flexibility expected of you as an office manager, you might think that it’s not a great choice for personal flexibility. However, you’ll find that because you’re expected to fit into any industry or office, you actually have plenty of flexibility to pick and choose the hours you want to work.


If you’re great with numbers then a job as a statistician might be great for you. Their role is to conduct research, analyze data and to write reports based on their findings. The fields and industries you work in can differ depending on your assignments, and this can be done as both a freelance career and as a paid placement with a company. However, becoming a statistician does require a lot of knowledge and you’ll likely need to study for a Master’s degree and some experience to be hired. However, if you’re able to achieve these requirements, then you’ll find that it’s easy to find both full and part-time work as a statistician that can offer you flexible working hours and a variety of roles.

Services Coordinator

A client services coordinator specializes in supporting client needs. This can usually be done on a freelance basis, but if a company deals with lots of VIP clients or regularly meets with business clients, then there is likely a position available for a services coordinator. Your tasks usually involve addressing client needs such as accommodation and travel and resolving any potential issues that arise. This is a flexible career because it’s done on a per-client basis, but it’s also challenging work that allows you to test your skills in a variety of different scenarios. Although working as a services coordinator can be a tough job, it’s also rewarding in its own way.

Standing Desk

Accounts Manager

Account managers are often in charge of maintaining client relationships, analyzing marketing trends and coming up with solutions for financial problems. They’re also usually in charge of finalizing sales. This is a role that requires a lot of professional experience because you’re essentially the mediator between your business and its clients. It’s not the type of job for the faint of heart and requires solid communication and sales skills. Previous experience is usually required, but not absolutely necessary especially if you’re considering the possibility of working with a startup. It’s a flexible position due because it can be suitable for freelancers, but it’s also a temporary position that isn’t always required. This means you can generally pick and choose your hours, and you may even be able to work with multiple companies if you’re hired through an agency.

Trade Jobs

Whether you’re an electrician, a plumber, a mechanic or even a locksmith, these trade jobs are generally considered as being flexible careers because you’re able to work on a per-contract basis. You’ll need to have a lot of experience the fields that you want to specialize in, but it’s a fantastic way to start a career where you’re in more control of your hours and you have more flexibility to choose when and how you work. People often don’t hire contractors and repair services unless they have a good reputation, so it can be hard to get your foot in the door with this career choice. Trade jobs are always in demand and whether you work with a contracting company, an agency or even as a freelancer, it’s a fantastic career choice that will give you plenty of control over your hours.

Hopefully, these flexible career options have given you some insight into possible career choices for the future. While some of these can take a lot of time to work towards, they’re usually very safe options to go for that will give you more financial security than freelancing, and equal if not greater flexibility.

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