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Fun Activities To Do With Friends This Weekend

Fun Activities To Do With Friends This Weekend

Now that the summer is rolling in and our weather is becoming much hotter, it is the perfect time to spend time out in the wild and make plans with our friends. Summer is the perfect time to have adventures and make the most of time with the people we love, and here are some of the fun things you can do this weekend with your friends!

Something new

There’s nothing better than trying something completely new with your besties. If you are tired of doing the same activities all the time when you meet as a group, you can have some fun and change things around a little this weekend. Instead of meeting for coffee or going for a drink, why not try a new activity? You could have fun doing laser tag, trying out an Escape room, playing mini golf and even going bowling. Do something new and exciting, and you’ll all have some great memories to come away with.

A Hike

If the weather is beautiful this weekend, you could all get up early, make a picnic and set off into the wilderness together for the day. Hiking isn’t just for dog walkers and adventurers, you can enjoy a hike no matter how big or small it is. It will be great for you all to have time in the fresh air, and you will have the added bonus of food when you are ready to come back!


Sometimes when the weather is too hot for walking in the countryside, and you might prefer to stay in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the sun from your garden instead. The beauty of having a barbecue with your friends is that you can ask everyone to bring a bit of food or a drink for you to eat, and you can all enjoy the hot weather together with a few beers and lots of meat.

Trampoline park

If you are feeling like letting out your inner child this year you might want to find your local trampoline park and play for the day together. There are some trampoline parks indoors which even have a ninja warrior style obstacle course for your all to try! It could be a laugh, keep you all fit and give you something to talk about for a long time afterwards.

The beach

On a sunny day there’s nothing that could be better than a trip to the beach, is there? Why not wake up early, pack up your car with toys and food and spend the day at your favourite beach with your friends? You can play with beach balls and frisbees, sunbathe and make a splash in the water.


If you all have a bit of a competitive streak, you can have some fun this weekend by booking yourselves a trip to your local go-karting park. Go-karting is super fun and it makes you let out your inner child for a few hours. You can race your friends, try to avoid crashing into the track and have some really great memories to taunt each other with for years.

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