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How to Update Your Husband’s Wardrobe Like a Pro

How to Update Your Husband’s Wardrobe Like a Pro

When you’re a lady who cares a great deal how she presents herself and you always make sure you look your best for every given occasion, the fact that your husband doesn’t can make you feel a bit irritated. It’s completely normal for you to feel this way, you want your spouse to look amazing as well, and you don’t want there to be a discrepancy between how the two of you are put together. Although the situation is improving, there are still men out there who are yet to experience a style-awakening. Luckily, they have a stylish woman by their side and it’s time to put your shopping expertise to work and upgrade your hubby’s wardrobe like a fashion professional. If you’re feeling uncertain how to go about it, worry not, these useful tips will guide you through this journey.

Get creative

One of the best tricks to get your husband to try new things is to tell him how happy it would make you if he went shopping with you. However, there is some prior legwork that needs to be done. You’re probably already familiar with images of bored husbands sitting in malls waiting for their wives. In order to avoid this trap and bore your hubby silly, the smartest thing to do is to hit the stores alone the previous day, scout out some great pieces and then take him to these exact stores. This way, the shopping adventure will last two hours top, and you will have equipped your spouse with all the essentials. Don’t forget to stroke his ego a bit and tell him he looks great when he comes out of the changing rooms, make him feel sexy. This kind of affirmation does wonders for the success of your little venture.

Where to begin


While you do want to slightly reinvent your husband’s look, the crucial thing to bear in mind is not to attempt to change him. When you do go shopping make sure you suggest clothes that represent his personality, clothes he’ll feel comfortable in. Don’t try to push hats and scarves if you know he’s not into them. There are certain universal basics that every man can be on board with. These include: a pair of regular fit dark-blue jeans, a couple of nice fitting sweaters in simple colors such as grey and navy. Now, outerwear can be tricky as style-impaired men have a tendency to steer towards big unflattering jackets simply because they are warm and practical. Ask him to try a well-tailored coat (for you) and once he sees how amazing he looks, he’ll be inclined to buy it. If he loves leather jackets, let him have one, but make sure it’s a classic cut and that it suits him. Don’t let him get into biker jackets. Now, the one style tip men around the world could pick up from Australian men is the importance of owning a great suit. Australians are becoming known for their sleekness as they frequently shop for men’s suits in Melbourne and other cities across the country. They are looking more and more dapper and they have the suits to thank for that. Even if your man is truly not into suits, suggest he gets at least one. Convince him it’s a good investment and that he can wear it to the next ten weddings and parties you attend. Men are easily swayed by the mention of ‘value for money’ and will see this investment as a good thing. Of course, don’t forget about the basics. Stock up on regular tees, and indulge him by getting one or two with prints he likes. Shirts are also mandatory, but keep in mind his preferred color palette and don’t purchase anything with patterns if you know he doesn’t like it. Finally, a great pair of shoes is paramount to the completion of the look. Again, rely on his personality and choose the safest pair you know he’ll wear.

Final wisdom

Sometimes you’ll have to get a bit sneaky, but it’s all for a good cause. In order to continue to upgrade his wardrobe regularly, you’ll need to do some shopping of your own. Bring the goods home and tell him they’re a present – you were in the store, you saw something, you thought of him. Don’t go overboard so it doesn’t become obvious. One garment every now and then will do the trick. 

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