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Of all parts of the body, one of the most important that needs proper and perfect care is the skin. The skin is the soft outer tissue covering vertebrates. In humans, the skin is an organ of the integumentary system made up of multiple layers of ectodermal tissue and guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. Since the skin serves as a guard to the bones, and all other internal organs, it, therefore, needs proper care. To care for your skin, you need to bathe your skin every day, run some necessary check-ups, use medical prescriptions, and also apply some skin smoothening and freshening lotions. Technology is advancing day by day, and as so, it had made caring for the skin very easier to do. You don’t need to visit hospitals daily for skin check-ups, but with just your smartphone, you can run check-ups on your skin in a very fast and easy way. In this post, I will be discussing on some basic, useful and highly efficient skin care apps that works on both Android and iOS platforms. Among anything else, it’s FREE!

  1. SunZapp

One of the best way to keep your skin healthy is by tanning your skin. Skin tanning prevents all signs of aging and damage. However, since skin tanning requires a certain degree of atmospheric temperature, you need to know when you can tan your skin again. Knowing this is very difficult, but with this highly powerful and efficient app called SunZapp, getting the right period becomes very easy.

SunZapp is a smartphone app that uses real-time weather forecasts and information about your skin provided by you to make accurate suggestions for optimal sun protection. This app also allows you to create separate profiles for your friends and families.

  1. DermCheck

It is absolutely inevitable, there will come days when you will have skincare questions but will be unable to get to a dermatologist office to get answers.

With DermCheck, getting to a dermatologist office is super easy. This app connects you with one among 26 certified dermatologists to answer all your questions. You can also submit pictures of your skin in concern which a dermatologist will review along with your medical history and then create a treatment plan for you. In case of any needed prescriptions, the dermatologist will submit it electronically and you can pick it at your pharmacy within a day.

At DermCheck, dermatologist are available 24/7 to answer your questions. Although downloading the app is free, a consultation will cost you. Nevertheless, its worth the while.

  1. Think Dirty

Have you ever fantasized of having the ability to assess products for any toxic or dangerous ingredients? Well, your fantasy has been made true. With this passionately designed app, Think Dirty, you get the opportunity to assess skin care products of any potentially risky or toxic ingredients.

As said by the founder of the app, Lily Tse, Think Dirty educates and empowers the user on cosmetics industries by granting them the chance to make an informed decision on what products to purchase.

  1. RYNKL

Whenever you use an anti-aging product, you tend to believe it is working, but, is it actually working? This you don’t know until now….. With RYNKL app, detecting the effectiveness of your anti-aging products is very easy.

The RYNKL is an app that uses artificial intelligence and some algorithms to track and analyze signs of aging on your skin and also interpret changes in your face.

From weekly or daily selfies taking by the user, this app will pinpoint existing lines and wrinkles and also specify areas where fine lines are forming.

RYNLK is an helpful app as it makes it simple for you to gauge the potency of anti-aging products which you are using. Taking a mirror look at yourself isn’t enough, but completing a perfectly programmed algorithm analytical scan is highly effective.

  1. Sleepbot

Do you know that to also keep your skin healthy and fit, you need a sound rest? Taking your nap at the proper interval and also backing it with a resounding night sleep is a great way to make your skin healthy as it gives your skin a chance to heal. On normal sleep description, the ideal hours for a perfect night sleep is 8 hours, but it can be very tough to get a complete 8 hours sleep.

The Sleepbot app records your sleep time making you know how many hours of sleep you are getting. It also records sound or movement you make and also uses some information to assess your sleep cycles and notifies you of the proper time to wake up.

With all these wonderful apps, keeping your skin healthy is now very easy. All thanks to the expansion of technology.

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