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Everything You Need to Know About Online Childbirth Classes (Is It Worth Considering)

Everything You Need to Know About Online Childbirth Classes (Is It Worth Considering)

If you are stressed out about your pregnancy and don’t know what to expect, then joining online childbirth classes can help put you at ease. These birthing classes not only prepare you for labor and educate you about what to do during childbirth, but they also provide helpful guidance in terms of postnatal care. 

Do You Need Online Childbirth Classes?

One of the most common questions that would-be parents have about online birthing classes is why is it necessary. Why do you need childbirth classes? Most women all over the globe trust their doctors and a team of nurses to provide a great childbirth experience. They often take no birthing classes and they do just fine. 

 The need for childbirth classes or lamaze classes depends on you and the details of your pregnancy. Women experiencing pregnancy for the first time often find online childbirth classes really helpful. These classes often talk about the little things, the little discomforts and changes the body goes through. They also set the expectation right to help new would-be mothers overcome the stress and nervousness associated during labor. Doctors and nurses at the hospitals are often too busy to answer the little queries or provide emotional support when you need it. This is where a birthing class can be a good fit. 

Having more information can never hurt and thus joining a childbirth class if you are feeling stressed about your pregnancy is never a bad idea. Therefore, if you have a lot of questions about your pregnancy or you feel like you need the support and guidance of a midwife or doula then joining an online childbirth class can be helpful.

What Topics Are Typically Covered in Online Birthing Classes?

A typical online childbirth class is broken up in lessons and as you would expect, it starts with the basics.  Birthing classes initially talk about what happens during labor, basic diet, and nutrition. It also covers what to expect at different trimesters of your pregnancy. Once the basics are out of the way, the classes delve deeper to provide a more comprehensive education about pregnancy, labor, and postnatal childcare. The following are a few things covered in online childbirth classes.

The Basics About Childbirth, Pregnancy, Labor, and Nutrition

Expectations Setting for Different Stages of Pregnancy

Tips and Tricks to Counter Pain and Other Discomfort During Labor

Training Partners to Provide Support During Pregnancy and Labor

Details About Different Stages of Labor 

Distinguishing Between False Alarms and Real Labor

Explaining the Different Labor Positions 

Breathing Techniques and How to Push During Labor

Details of Medicines that are Safe to Have During Pregnancy to Combat Discomfort

Education About Reading Medical Reports and Monitoring the Growth of the Fetus

Lessons on C-Section and When and Why It’s Necessary

How to Deal with Postpartum Depression

Online Birthing Classes vs Regular Birthing Classes 

Now, that you know that birthing classes can be helpful, the next obvious question is, “should I join online birthing classes or go to a local midwifery or birthing center to attend classes in person?” There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Advantages of Regular Birthing Classes

 You get to Meet Other Couples and Create a Stronger Support System

In-Person Training Sessions are Usually Much More Interactive and Fun

Disadvantages of Regular Birthing Classes

You Are Forced to Leave the Comfort of Your Home

You Can Miss Critical Details If You Are Not Listening

Advantages of Online Birthing Classes

You Often Get to Pick the Time of the Class

You Can Attend the Class Without Leaving the Comfort of Your Couch

Online Resources and Videos Makes Information Easily Accessible

Disadvantages of Online Birthing Classes

You Lack the Degree of Group Support You Would Otherwise Get in an Actual Classroom Setting

There is No One to Physically Guide You During the Classes

In other words, if you are an introvert and you don’t like to leave the comforts of your home, then online birthing classes are a good choice for you. They are also a great idea if you prefer educational videos and interactive learning over classroom lectures.  If you can afford it, you can choose to join an online childbirth class as well as a regular class. That way you get the goodness of both the approaches.

What’s the Best Time to Join an Online Childbirth Class?

While there is no hurry to join online childbirth classes, but there is no reason to delay it either. Typically, you want to typically complete the course by the eighth month of your pregnancy so you can start utilizing the knowledge.

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