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Five Tips to Staying Safe at Work

Five Tips to Staying Safe at Work

 Working in an environment that we feel safe in is a really important part of our jobs. We want to know that we’re not risking our lives for a company, and the employer is doing everything they can to keep you safe. 

That may include making sure all equipment is up to date, and all safety procedures are being followed. Also, doing paid safety classes and having inspectors check on the building and business safety codes. 

“Being in an injury can be a devastating experience. There may also be long-term repercussions from permanent damage to your body,” the lawyers at Diamond & Diamond state.  

It’s your responsibility to do your part in keeping a workplace safe. We’re going to go over ways to stay safe while you’re at work. 

It’s your responsibility to do your part in keeping a workplace safe. We’re going to go over ways to stay safe while you’re at work. 

Wear Proper Safety Gear at All Times 

If you’re in a job that requires safety gear, that being eye protection, lab coats, gloves, ear protection, or back supports, you should always wear them! You won’t look cool, not wearing yours while on the job. You’re just making yourself vulnerable to getting injured. 

There are obvious reasons why you are required to wear this type of equipment. Your company is trying to keep you safe and others safe. Be the right role model that follows the rules and sets a good example. 

Use Mechanical Aid

Even if you’re young and able, don’t overdo yourself at work. Lifting heavy loads every day could create lifelong back problems. You won’t be able to play around with your children or grandchildren if you can’t get up out of your seat at home. 

Using mechanical aids like wheelbarrows, forklifts, or conveyor belts can protect yourself from damaging your body. If you have to lift something heavy, make sure you lift with your leg muscles and not your back. 

When you’re an older worker, leave the heavy lifting to the younger guys. Don’t be a hero, always. 

Stay Sober 

You might think that a cocktail at lunch or puff outside while on break will do you right, but we can advise you it won’t. When you’re under the influence of a substance at work, it can impair your judgment or make you forget essential safety procedures. 

Also, if you’re found drunk or high on the job, you can be fired. This can make you act irrationally, and then you’ll find yourself without a paycheck. 

Keep drinking and other social activities you want to participate in for after work or for the weekends. It will be more fun for you and a lot safer. 

Reduce Stress 

In all types of jobs, there’s some stress with customers, due dates, working with others, and making sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Stress is a part of life; however, when it starts affecting you, that’s when you know it is not healthy. 

Those who work at desk jobs or in higher-up positions are at higher risk of being affected by stress than pulling out your back. Stress is linked with unwanted health conditions like heart attack, stroke, anxiety, or depression. 

Remember to not work too long of hours and allow your free time off of work, actually to be free time. Keep activities outside of work that you enjoy, or spend time with your family on the weekends. 

As much as making money for yourself or your family is important, it’s also essential to enjoy your life! Take a vacation if you need it, get a massage, practice yoga, or read a book you enjoy with your phone turned off.

Wash your Hands  

This might seem like a funny one to include, but it’s imperative. By washing your hands after the bathroom, after you eat, and after you sneeze or cough, you’ll be protecting yourself and everyone else. 

If you become sick, you won’t be able to work, and you can get your family sick at home. Also, you don’t know if someone has a child who has a weak immune system. Your little cough could be deadly to others. 

Keep yourself and others healthy by washing your hands frequently. 

The Bottom Line 

Our health and safety are somethings that are highly valued in life and the workplace. Employers try to make a comfortable work environment for all that ensures you that you’re being protected. 

As employees, we must respect all rules put in place for yourself and others. You should always wear any safety gear required, use mechanical aid whenever possible, stay sober at work, find ways to reduce stress and wash your hands. 

If you do all of these things, you will stay safe at work!

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