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Eco-friendly ways to quit smoking

Eco-friendly ways to quit smoking

Smoking is not good for you. It increases the chances of contracting many illnesses. Everyone knows that. Still, many people choose to indulge in their vices. And they are free to do so. But trends are showing that smoking is coming out of fashion. Multiple factors contributed to this trend. Taxes have been raised to combat tobacco usage. Also, population awareness has been increased substantially. It is simply not a cool thing to do anymore. It is not the counter-culture. Rather, not smoking is the new, rebellious thing to do. That being said, an entire industry has risen to try to make it easy for people to quit their smoking habit. Not only that but to do it in a safe and eco-friendly manner. There is a number of methods used to quit smoking. In this article, we will go over some of the most eco-friendly ways of quitting smoking.

1.      Quitting cold turkey

Becoming completely abstinent is the most efficient method. There is no way around it. It is also the most inconvenient and difficult way of going about it. Smokers develop nicotine addiction. It is both a physical and psychological form of addiction. Also, there are certain side effects you could experience. Shaking, mood swings and increased nicotine cravings are all withdrawal symptoms. You also might experience hunger sensations. This is a reflex connected with you not having anything to do with your hands. The important thing to note is what behaviour should be rewarded and which one should not. Try to reward yourself for resisting the nicotine craving. Over time, you will lose your dependency on it. Withdrawal symptoms are real. Do not make the mistake of rewarding yourself with a cigarette, it defeats the entire purpose of quitting. Positive and negative reinforcement, it is a very powerful tool.

2.      Technology

Technology has advanced greatly over the past few decades. It has infiltrated our lives and we have all become dependent on it some capacity. Technology has made our lives easier. One of the ways it does just that is with our need to quit smoking. Applications are available to us with a click of a button. Use them instead of paper and save the environment. Plus, it is more convenient and practical. You are much more likely to lose a sheet of paper than your smartphone. There are plenty of apps that we can use to track our progress, mark our achieved goals and milestones. Also, they can connect us with an ever-growing community of ex-smokers. They can guide us through the experience and offer support and advice. Apps exist only in the digital world. They do not pollute, have paperwork or use fossil fuel.

3.      Tobacco alternatives

Some of us want their cake and the ability to eat it, too. We want the benefits of not smoking, combined with not having to get rid of the pleasurable sensations it provides. Again, technology comes to the rescue. Over the past few years, we have witnessed unprecedented development in non-tobacco alternatives to smoking. Electronic cigarettes and vape pens are all the rage these days. And for good reason, too. They offer just what people want. We no longer have to ditch our habit altogether, but can substitute it with a non-toxic, non-cancerogenic alternative. Traditional tobacco products contain many dangerous chemicals. Most likely more than you might think, around seven thousand, give or take. These will not leave your immediate environment with that unattractive smell associated with tobacco. Companies like Hoopers Vapour got you covered when it comes to all substitutes regarding our love for smoking.

4.      The traditional quitting methods

We have all heard of nicotine patches and gyms. These are still available to all of us, even to this day. And there is a reason for it. They work. Now you might make a case that they are not environment friendly. And you would be right, they do come in their own packaging and wrappers that need to be discarded at some point. The product itself is physical in nature. Which means it will be used and discarded as well. All of this creates waste and pollution. But let me offer a counterpoint. Smoking, with all of its packaging, plastic, hazardous materials and health concerns is much worse for the environment. Let us ask ourselves, what is worse? Smoking several packs a day, or substituting that habit with nicotine patches or gums? If you are not tech-savvy or simply do not like the new offering, these traditional ones work just fine.

Lastly, know the reasons for setting these goals. Why is it that you desire to be free of tobacco addiction? Health concerns are completely valid on their own. You could be trying to set an example for your loved ones or focus on activities that do not correlate with this habit. Whatever it may be, surround yourself with supportive people that are willing to help you to go through this process together.

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