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5 Tools for a Successful Restaurant Business

5 Tools for a Successful Restaurant Business

Even though restaurant businesses seem to be a bit late to the game when it comes to adopting digital technology to help with running a successful business, in the last decade, the foodservice industry has definitely made the most out of available software and tools. Thanks to the availability of a wide range of different tools and software, restaurants could finally boost their productivity and customer service. Automated processes, scheduling made easy, user-friendly apps for customers, mobile kiosks, digital menus, self-service, and similar are just some of the many different tools that have become essential for running a successful restaurant business in this day and age.

Minimizing the cost, increasing productivity and providing customers with top-notch service are crucial aspects for a modern food provider. In case you’re looking to open up your own restaurant business or revolutionize your current food place, make it a point to look into the following digital tools.

1. Restaurant365 for better management

Restaurant365 is a rather comprehensive tool that will help you manage various aspects of your restaurant business in a simple and efficient way. You can use this particular tool for labor scheduling, keeping track of the inventory as well as taking care of your accounting. Restaurant365 collects data based on your previous sales, shifts, timing, and even the weather in order to further optimize your schedules, costs, and sales. It’s available for both Android and iOS, as well as the popular Internet browsers.

2. SpeedETab for online ordering

If you want to improve customer experience, making it possible for customers to order food from your restaurant online and pay just as quickly and easily is paramount. SpeedETab can help you with that. When it comes to mobile ordering and payment, this particular tool is considered to be a leader in its industry. It allows you to create an online ordering channel; this can be an app, a landing page or a website. SpeedETab will keep track of your customers’ most-used devices and channels in order to help you create the most efficient and user-friendly experience. It’s available for Android and iOS.

3. Self-Service Kiosk for quick self-ordering

In order to boost the efficiency of your staff and provide your customers with a quick and fuss-free ordering process when they visit your restaurant, definitely look into the possibilities of self-ordering. Eats365’s solution is the use of quick self-serve kiosks that allow the customers to check the menu and order whatever they want without actually having to wait for a staff member to attend to them. Not only does this improve the quality of your customer service, but it also increases the productivity, speed, and efficiency of your staff. Not to mention that restaurant owners can reduce the cost significantly if they can’t manage to hire more people for taking patrons’ orders in particular.

4. Restaurateur for new restaurant owners

People who are thinking of opening their own restaurant would greatly benefit from the nifty tool that is Restaurateur. Downloading this app will allow you to create your own business plan as well as explore the finances in detail in order to start and ultimately run a successful restaurant business. The app allows you to enter various information such as space size, monthly expenses, average check amount, cost ratios, etc. in order to properly calculate the best and most profitable plan and course of action for your new restaurant. You also get alerts in case your ratios don’t match the industry guidelines. The plan you get from Restaurateur can be taken to landlords, banks, and investors as a valid statement for negotiation. The app is available on iOS.

5. Rockbot for the best atmosphere

How people feel when they visit your restaurant will be largely affected by the music you play. After all, music is crucial when it comes to setting the right atmosphere in any place. This is where Rockbot comes in. The app has 16 million+ songs and you can create your playlists to match different themes and moods for your restaurant quickly and easily. It’s very easy for people to forget about background music but keep in mind that creating a playlist and coming up with songs for your restaurant setting manually can actually take a lot of your time.

What’s more, people can easily get bored and even annoyed if they have to listen to the same songs over and over again. With Rockbot, you can change the tunes up with just a couple of clicks and even allow the customers to put in their own requests. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about music licensing fees. Rockbot is available on Android, iOS, and browsers.

With the right digital tools, your restaurant business can thrive. Don’t hesitate to make the most out of available technology to keep up with the times and provide the best possible customer service. Improved accuracy and efficiency, reduced labor costs, increased productivity, better management, and happy customers are all essential for running a successful restaurant business. 

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