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Tailor Your Training With Help From Entrepreneurs Who Have Come Before

Tailor Your Training With Help From Entrepreneurs Who Have Come Before

In most walks of life, we take advice from people who have come before. It’s the best way to connect with, and find ways through, any issues. For instance, a doctor would never be given free reign if they hadn’t served under someone senior. Even in your working life, you’ve likely received training from colleagues who have been around for longer. Training like this is crucial for ensuring we’re able to face every challenge we come across. It makes life easier for us and those who employ us.

When it comes to going it alone, this is a step many of us fail to take. After all, there’s no boss to tell you how and when to do things. You may, then, omit any form of training as rebellion. Or, it might just not cross your mind. But, though going it alone is all about freedom, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to learn. By taking advice from successful entrepreneurs, you can help yourself through many trials. For proof, let’s look at some such advice which could benefit anyone starting out.

Welcome detours and failures with open arms

This piece of advice will send fear into the heart of anyone starting a business. But, CMO of Househappy, Ekaterina Walter swears by it. What’s more, her TedTalk and mentoring have seen many young entrepreneurs adopting the same mindset. Talking to Huffington post, Ekaterina said, ‘…it turns out that the cliché “When one door closes, another door opens” is more than a cliché after all. You just need to be confident enough to see that other open door.’. So, when things look set to fail, don’t catastrophize. Instead, try to embrace the possibility that perhaps things didn’t work for a reason.

Knowing when to move on is important

When you start a business, it becomes your baby. You will always feel maternal to that first creation. But, as can be seen from the actions of entrepreneurs like Danny DeMichele, selling one business to move onto another is often the way to go. Dimichele recently sold his search engine marketing agency,, to LSF Network, Inc. He has since gone on to work as CEO of It’s clear to see that Dimichele knew he’d never get that opportunity unless he sold his most successful project. And, sometimes, you may have to do the same. Always consider what’s best for you and the business you’ve created. If you can’t take things any further, another company may be able to. What’s more, selling will leave you free to pursue new paths.

Empower ‘empire builder’ employees

Founder of Fitpro Heroes, Aj Rivera, makes an essential point about championing employees. He urges that, instead of seeing empire builders as competition, you should encourage team members. That should mean tailoring your office to your employees’ needs, and encouraging creative thinking. Rivera urges that, rather than building your competition, encouraging strength ensures ‘…you’ll be able to attract top talent and build a true empire that stands the test of time.’

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