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If You Had One Day To Improve Your Finances…

If You Had One Day To Improve Your Finances…

If you had one day to improve your finances…

If you had one day to start the way you live anew…

If you had one day to secure your financial future…

It may go something like this…

By setting your alarm clock earlier in the morning, you are able to wake up earlier than you normally would. With this extra time on your hands, you resolve to begin the day the right way.

You eat breakfast, using what you have in your cupboards, fulfilling your hunger pangs, so you aren’t tempted to buy snacks on the way to work.

You get a shower and resist the urge to add to your water bill by spending longer in there than you should.

You make a healthy packed lunch to avoid the expense of buying something later in the day.

You fill your water bottle because you know the drinks run at work will only add to your expenses.

And you use the time you have to concentrate on matters of financial concern.

You make a shopping list because this will stop you from spending too much at the supermarket later.

You finally dig a jar out of your cupboard and resolve to use it for your emergency fund.

You clean out your purse and take stock of your receipts.

You check your bank statement online and think about where you can reduce expenses.

You check your calendar to remind yourself of online payment dates.

You have the time to think about your debts and make an effort to look at debt consolidation loans.

You are starting to take control of your finances, and this will only go towards improving your life in the future. And when you leave your home for work, you continue to think with a frugal mindset.

Instead of paying for fuel or using public transport, you decide to walk to work instead.

You tell yourself ‘no, I don’t need another coffee’ when you walk past the cafe.

You avoid the urge to look in those store windows where you know you will be tempted to spend.

And when you finally arrive at work, you feel better for the walk. Your head is clear because of the fresh air and fitness, and this boosts your day.

Your productivity is at an all-time high because of how you feel, and this will improve your chances of promotion.

You book an appointment with your boss to talk about that promotion, or at the very least, a pay rise.

You resolve to look for a better-paid job if your boss says “no.”

You book yourself onto a training course to improve your employment chances.

And you hopefully enjoy your day, being proud that you have worked productively, and knowing that you are one step closer to finding more financial freedom in your work. Preparing to leave, you remember the art of the word ‘no.’

No, you won’t join your colleagues when they ask you to go for after-work drinks again.

No, you won’t book time off to go for a shopping weekend.

No, you tell yourself when you are tempted to follow these and other requests, because you know they are only going to bite into your finances.

The only yes you make is when your boss asks if you will work overtime next week, as that will boost your bank balance. It might also do something for that promotion too.

On leaving work, you head to the store, grateful that you have a grocery list at hand.

You only buy what you need, curbing the temptation to spend money on your wants and desires.

You buy actual ingredients to cook with, as you know a freshly cooked meal is cheaper than something processed or frozen.

You avoid branded items as you know the cheaper stuff is just as good; some of the time anyway.

You use a scanner to make sure you aren’t going over your budget.

You spend time in the ‘reduced items’ part of the store more than the luxury goods aisle.

You dig out the coupons you have stashed into your bag and use them at the checkout.

And you leave the supermarket with a smile on your face, and extra change in your pocket. As you reach home, you continue good habits.

You turn lights off when you leave a room.

You remember to unplug those appliances that are charged.

You put on an extra sweater instead of turning the heating on too early.

You turn off the tv and read a good book instead.

You wonder why you have subscribed to every tv-subscription service, and cancel the ones you don’t use.

You feel guilty about turning your mates down for the after-work social and resolve to invite them to your place tomorrow – it’s much cheaper than going out on the razzle, after all.

And as the evening draws on, your thoughts return to your finances. If this is the day you improve matters, you know there is still more to be done.

So you dig your credit cards out of your purse and cut them up for good.

You use a price comparison service to help you get on top of those bills that you discovered when you returned home.

You declutter your home and make a pile of things you will later sell online.

You cancel those magazine subscriptions that are a complete waste of time.

You ring the gym and tell them to cancel your membership – you have found ways to exercise at home without that expense.

You think about the weekend and look for free things to do.

You automate your bill payments so you don’t get any more red letters.

And after doing all of that, in just one day (well done you), you finally retire to bed for the evening, feeling safe and secure that you have done something (quite a lot of things actually) to improve your financial situation. And with that you close your eyes and drift off into la la land. Sleep well, you deserve it!

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