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Easy Upgrades to Outdoor Spaces

Easy Upgrades to Outdoor Spaces

As the number of citizens in the world grows and cities get more and more densely populated, having a living space with plenty of room is becoming a luxury. And when buildings are getting taller, there’s only so much space on the ground we can claim as our own, so homes with outdoor spaces are getting popular very fast. And if you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space that you can freely use, you definitely don’t want to let it go to waste. No matter how small, every outdoor space should be used to its maximum, and here’s how:

Casual sitting area

You won’t be spending a lot of time in your backyard if you don’t have anywhere to sit. When choosing the appropriate furniture for your outside area, you want to keep in mind practicality and materials. If you often have guests around, live somewhere where the weather is nice and you spend a lot of time outdoors, then investing in high quality – perhaps custom-made – furniture is worthwhile. However, if you are very busy and you don’t spend too much time outside, a simple piece of low-maintenance furniture is all that you really need. When it comes to the material, make sure it’s something that is waterproof, easy to wash and comfortable. Pleather can often be uncomfortable during the hotter days, and fine fabrics can be quite tricky to get dry once soaked. The easiest thing to do is have your furniture covered with individual pillows in removable pillowcases, so that they are easy to take off and store or use inside, and when they get dirty you don’t have to call a whole team of professionals to get it cleaned.

Outdoor activities

If you have enough space for activities, then you want to make the most of it. This especially goes if you have kids, but generally everyone benefits from spending time outside. If you don’t have the necessary requirements to have an in-ground swimming pool, there is always the option of above ground pools. They are just as good and can be installed even if the land you’re on doesn’t allow for much digging. Other things you should consider are small goal posts for some football, a badminton net or simply a little sandbox for the youngsters. Giving people options for how they can spend their time will get them outside a lot faster.

Regular maintenance

A garden is a living, breathing thing, and if you want yours to be in good shape, you need to maintain it pretty much constantly. Plants need watering, trimming, fertilizing and caring. You can automatize a part of the process by getting timer-activated sprinklers, but you still need to make sure your garden doesn’t look overgrown in weeds and grass. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you can try to rely mostly on low-maintenance plants such as trees, or you can hire a gardener that will come by weekly (or bi-weekly, depending on the plant life and the season) and tend to your plants’ needs. If you have a special event planned in your garden such as a wedding, make sure you think in advance and plant something that will be in beautiful bloom during the event.

Having an outdoor space is a privilege, and one that shouldn’t be wasted. Spending time outdoors is extremely beneficial for your health, both mental and physical, and you should make the most of what you have at your disposal. A little bit of effort will go a long way with gardens, and once you get into spending time outdoors, either lounging or engaging in some activities, you will want to invest in your outdoor space more and more.

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